Episode 250: HeartSell

Join John, Flip, Jeff and Thayne as they explore the history of the church and the sales techniques they have used in the past and present.  The Episode culminates in a discuss of the HeartSell technique used and marketed by Bonneville International.

Episode 249: The Time Commitment Required To Be A Good Mormon

Join John, Rich, Hilary and Katrine as they discuss the time commitment it takes to be a good Mormon.

Episode 248: Now What?

Having left the Church, many feel the desire to help fix “the problem of the Church”. John, Lindsay, Thayne and Dan discuss what the problem is and the best ways to change the world and the less effective ways to kick against the pricks.

Here is the link to the article refered to in the podcast about missionary numbers.


Episode 247: The Ex-Mormon Struggle for Identity

John, Thayne, Jenny and Laura talk about the transitions ex-mormons go through after leaving the faith.

Episode 246: The Governing Philosophy and Structure of the Church


The panel discusses how the Church governs itself and why.

Episode 245: The First Four Verses in the Book of Mormon


Join John, Lindsay, Paulette and Flip as they discuss the first four verses in the Book of Mormon.

Episode 244: The Doctrine of Mormon Heaven

Join John and Zilpha as they talk about the doctrines of Mormon heaven.


Episode 243: The Doctrine of Mormon Hell

Join John as he and other panelists discuss Mormon hell.


Episode 242: Mormonism and Violence


Join John, Lindsay, Jen and Thayne as they discuss the culture of violence within Mormonism.

Episode 241: The Church and Technology

Join John, Lindsay, Steve and Charles as they talk about the technology the church uses to track its members.

Episode 240: Leaving the Church and Finding Yourself

Join John, Dustin, Brian and Rich as they talk about how you’re all going to be okay.

Episode 239: D&C 77 For Dummies

John is joined by Bruce, Randy and Brian to discuss D&C 77.