Episode 298: Are There Any Opposed?

Join Adam and Laura as they discuss the April 2015 General Conference, most specifically, her experience opposing the General Authorities.  Thanks to Laura for coming to the show on such short notice and for trusting us with her story.

Episode 297: I’m Trying to be Like Joseph

Join Adam, Matt and Brandon as they discuss ways in which behavior suggests that Mormons are striving to be much more like Joseph than Jesus.  Thanks to Google Images for providing the most perfect Image for this episode, I could not have asked for anything more.

Episode 296: The Veil of Ignorance

Join Adam and Father John as they discuss a few Philosophers and the idea of justice/fairness in relation to “The Veil of Ignorance”.  John is charming as ever and teaches us a few new words along the way…


Episode 295: The New Mission of the Church

Join Adam as he discusses the “New” Mission of the Church and offers up a few suggestions.


Episode 294: Winning and Losing

Join Adam as he takes a brief look back at the past couple months and as he discusses the future of both the Mormon Church and Mormon Expression.  Can we both WIN in the end?


Episode 293: LILA



Join Adam, Kristi and Quinn as a couple of old friends catch up and discuss love, compassion, and the life of one very special little girl, Lila Kimball.  This episode is humbly dedicated to the life and legacy of Lila Kimball.

Thank you sweet girl…


Episode 292: Heaven

Join Adam, Brandon, and Matt as they discuss  heaven………


Episode 291: The Harm Principle

Join Adam, Cori and John as they discuss Utilitarianism and John Stuart Mill’s “The Harm Principle”.  They ask the tricky question, “Forget the church, are WE doing harm???”


Episode 290: Sealing “Soup”

Join Adam and Deb as they discuss sealings and their affect on childhood, marriage, and families.


Paul Duane Interviews Adam Archer

kinan_2feb2015_0002Photo courtesy of Paul Duane

Paul Duane of “The Paul Duane Show” invited Adam to come join him in the AM 630 KTalk Studio. Per Paul’s website, “Adam Archer, the new host of Mormon Expression Podcast, joined me in the studio today to talk about the show, life, God, and ballet.”

Thanks to Paul for taking interest in our show.  He is a true gentleman and a welcome voice across the Wasatch Front.

The show will be available on iTunes Wednesday, February 4, 2015, or, download directly from his website:


Episode 289: Church Press Conference Review

Join Adam M Archer and Lindsay H Park as they review the Church’s most recent Press Conference on Religious Freedoms.  They also get to know one another, discuss the pronunciation of “Satan”, heterosexism and intersectionality.


Episode 288: Shifting Perspective

Join Adam and Austin as they discuss Us Thieves, the band behind the new ME opening and closing songs, and a review of many shows that Austin has performed as an actor in relation to how perspective shifts over time.