Episode 283: How we know beyond a shadow of a Doubt that the Church isn’t True

Join John is one of his final episodes as host as he discusses why the church isn’t true.

Episode 282: Why the Church Cannot Reform on the Gay Marriage Issues

Join John as he discusses why the church cannot make changes in it’s stance on gay marriage.

Episode 281: Top 10 Things You Would Expect To See If The Church Were Actually True

Join John with guests Brian, Nathan and Flip as they discuss how things would be if the church were actually true.

Episode 280: Mormonism and the Red Scare

Join John and Bill as they discuss the Red Scare and Mormonism.

Episode 279: Top 10 Goofiest Things in the Doctrine and Covenants

Join John and Micah as they discuss the Doctrine and Covenants.

Episode 278: Part 2 of the Top 10 Scandals in Mormon History

Lindsey hosts tonight.  Join Lindsey, John, Katrine and Misha as they discuss more scandals from Mormon history.

Episode 277: The Top 10 Goofiest Things in the Book of Mormon

Join John, Keith, Nick and Adam as they discuss the Book of Mormon.

Episode 276: How to build a transoceanic vessel

Join John, Terrell, Randy and Megan as they discuss the challenges to building a transoceanic vessel.

Episode 275: How to Become an Ex-ex-Mormon

Join John as he discusses how to become an ex-ex-mormon.

Episode 274: Mormonism Vs. Orwell

Join John, Adam and Angie as they discuss Orwell in light or Mormonism.

Episode 273: Burning Down The House: The End of the Mormon Expression VIP Lounge

John discusses the burning down of the VIP lounge.

Episode 272: The Top 10 Goofiest Ideas in the Pearl of Great Price

Join John, Brooke and Mr. D as they discuss the Pearl of Great Price.