Episode 311: Justice Prevails

Join Adam, Quinn and Brandon as they discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same sex marriage across all 50 states on Friday June 26, 2015, and the general reactions/implications for and within Mormonism.

Episode 310: The UK Evangelicals Come to Town

Join Adam and his new friends from the UK, long time listener of the show, Bobby Gilpin and his good friends Lee Burrows and Tony Brown, as they discuss their trip to SLC, Jesus, their faith, their stories, and of course Mormonism.  Absolute Gentlemen.


Episode 309: Narrative Similarities

Join Adam and Brandon as they discuss the similarity between TBM testimonies and Faith Crisis/”Leaving” Narratives.  “I would like to bear my testimony.  I know that Mormon Expression is True.”

Episode 308: Pope Francis for Prophet

Join Adam and Brandon as they discuss a few of the reasons why the Pope would make a great prophet.


Episode 307: What I learned listening to the “My Book of Mormon” Podcast

Join Adam, David and Josh as they discuss a few of the things that a “gentile”, David, taught Adam and Josh about the book around which they once framed their entire lives.  DRINK!!! (for all of David’s MyMo’s) Ha ha ha ha

Episode 306: Amy and Dan

Join Adam, Amy and Dan for this “Pseudo” Voices episode.  They discuss their marriage, their eventual divorce, and Dan’s new relationship with his husband Brian all the while relating their experience to Mormonism.  Love and kindness prevails.


Episode 305: Peter Singer and Mormonsim

Join Adam and John for a continuation of the Philosophy Series as they discuss contemporary Philosopher Peter Singer, and his ethical philosophy “Effective Altruism”.  What is our obligation to others?  And, what has Mormonism done to affect or shape our feelings/beliefs toward altruism?


Episode 304: The Clean Hands Initiative

Join Adam, Matt and Quinn as they discuss the “Clean Hands Initiative” and discuss the Pros and Cons of localized leadership within Mormonism.







Episode 303: ZEALOT

Join Adam and Darin as they discuss the controversial book “Zealot” and the author who wrote it.  What do we really know about the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth?

Episode 302: Mormon Analogies

Join Adam and Flip as they discuss an episode topic that was submitted by a listener in Dallas, Texas on the usefulness of Analogy.  Big thanks to Matt for passing this on.


Episode 301: Pragmatism

Join Adam and John for a continuation in the Philosophy series as they discuss Pragmatism and  what it means for belief and truth within Mormonism.


Episode 300: Joseph S’Myth

8 Witnesses to the Book of Mormon Sis. Wright's Seminary JourneyLds Seminary, Church Stuff, History Pictures, Church Spirituality, Lds Church, Church History, Seminary D C, Seminary Book, Church Call

Join Adam, Cori, Austin and Brandon as they discuss Joseph’s Myth…or Joseph S’Myth, that is, myth and mormonism.  Happy Birthday to Mormon Expression.  300 Episodes!!! Thanks for listening