Episode 263: Mormonism and PTSD

Jenny, Lisa, John and Matt discuss Mormonism and PTSD.

Producers note:  We experienced an unnoticed equipment malfunction during this recording.  As such the audio quality is quite poor.  Our apologies, the episode is presented as best as we could salvage it.

Episode 262: Mormonism vs. Voltaire

Join John, Adam, Robyn and Angie as they discuss Mormonism and Voltaire.

Episode 261: The Church’s PR and Kate Kelly

Join John, Lindsay and Mike as they discuss the church’s PR approach.  The panel will focus on the  RadioWest interview with Ally Isom.  To hear the original interview visit RadioWest  Latter-day Saints and Excommunication, Part II.

Mormon Expression Podcast Recording Changing Times

Mormon Expression is going to be shifting its recording time to 6:30 pm.

This is an exciting change for us because we are starting earlier so we can record our new sister podcast Reasonability at 8pm!

Come join us for Mormon Expression at 6:30 and stay for Reasonability at 8!

Episode 260: Mormon Privilege in Utah

Join John, Lindsay, Terrell and Mark as they discuss what is and is not Mormon privilege in Utah.

Episode 259: The Tight Vs. Loose Translation Theories

Join John, Thayne, Keith and Johnathan as they discuss the Loose and Tight Translation Theories.  Also in the news features John’s commentary on the Kate Kelly and John Dehlin excommunication stories.


Episode 258: The Great Weird Off – Mormonism Vs. Jehovah’s Witness

Join the panel as John and Dustin settle a years long argument.  Which religion will win the Great Weird-Off?  Have a listen and see if you agree with the judges.

Featuring  John, Dustin, James and Breanna.

Episode 257: Mormonism and Plato


An anachronistic take on the allegory of Plato's Cave

John, Adam and Hilary discuss Plato.

Episode 256: Dialogs with Myself – How John Larsen Disagrees with John Larsen

Join John, Zilpha and Lindsey as they discuss how John Larsen disagrees with thoughts and concepts from the Mormon Expression past.

Episode 255: The Most Problematic Areas for Mormon Apologists

Join John, Flip, Thayne and Becca as they explore the top ten issues for Mormon Apologists.

Episode 254: The Grand Demonic Conspiracy

John, Laura, Jen and Randy Discuss the character of the Devil in Mormonism and the role he plays.

Episode 253: Mountain Meadows Massacre, It Could Happen to You

Lindsay, Brian, Thayne and Richard Dutcher discuss the events leading up to Mountain Meadows Massacre and talk about how the culture of violence could affect anyone of us.