Episode 275: How to Become an Ex-ex-Mormon

Join John as he discusses how to become an ex-ex-mormon.

Episode 274: Mormonism Vs. Orwell

Join John, Adam and Angie as they discuss Orwell in light or Mormonism.

Episode 273: Burning Down The House: The End of the Mormon Expression VIP Lounge

John discusses the burning down of the VIP lounge.

Episode 272: The Top 10 Goofiest Ideas in the Pearl of Great Price

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Episode 271: The Top Ten Lesser Known Mormon Scandals

Join Lindsay, Misha, John and Bill as they discuss some of the lesser known Mormon scandals.

Episode 270: Post Mormon Spirituality

Join John and Cat as they discuss spirituality in a post Mormon mindset.

White Fields Educational Foundation Seeks New Host for Mormon Expression Podcast


For Immediate Release: September 4, 2014

White Fields Education Foundation
423 W 800 South Suite A110
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

White Fields Educational Foundation Seeks New Host for Mormon Expression Podcast

Salt Lake City, UT: In the podcast released on 9/1/2014, John explains his position with the ongoing recording of Mormon Expression. He stated that he believes in the project and the podcast, but his interests have moved on to other things beyond studying and discussing Mormonism.

Beginning in 2015, John will be moving on from hosting the Mormon Expression podcast and instead focus his time and attention on building the White Fields Educational Foundation. White Fields is dedicated to assisting individuals in creating healthy individual identity after leaving fundamentalist religions. White Fields is the parent company of Mormon Expression.

The Mormon Expression podcast will remain a key element of the White Fields portfolio. John will remain as the executive producer of the podcast and help to ensure the ongoing quality and integrity of the podcast as it moves forward.

In 2015, the Mormon Expression podcast will have a new host and anchor personality. White Fields, under the direction of John, has established a search committee to find the next host of Mormon Expression. Although this individual will bring their own perspective, personality and style to the host’s chair, the central mission of Mormon Expression will not change. The podcast will continue to be recorded live in Salt Lake City and released as a weekly podcast.

Those who are interested in assuming the hosting role or nominating other potential candidates can contact us at mail@whitefieldseducational.org. The new host will be expected to record live in Salt Lake City one evening a week and will commit to 40 weeks a year. The position is paid. The host will be taking over a world-wide podcast with a monthly download basis of over 100,000.

Episode 269: John’s Dilemma

John discusses some of the challenges and opportunities that the podcast at White Fields Educational are presenting.

Episode 268: What To Do If You Decide To Leave The Church

Join John, Rich, Robyn and Terrell as they discuss what to do and not do when leaving the church.

Closing Music was The Ride by Whiskey Bravo.


Episode 267: Mormon Humor

Join Guest Host Lindsay with panelists Misha, Jacob, and Jack, as they discuss Mormonism and humor.

Show notes:




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John Delivers a Message to your Mormon Loved Ones