Episode 85b: 180th Semi-annual General Conference Priesthood Session Review

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  1. jethro Reply

    I gotta tell you, I’m surprised that no one’s taken your challenge, John! I googled ‘pornography priesthood’ right after you said the two are not mutually exclusive. Almost all of the 50 pictures that came up, half were of general authorities and the rest were other mormon photos. Not a single pornographic photo. And my safesearch was off. I think they may be presenting the wrong image if the GA’s come up first when you search porn and priesthood. Do you think they’re paying to show up first to stare down all the deacons?

    • Mike in Zion Reply

      Oh Jethro… The danger you put yourself in by trying that search!!

      I have to wonder if the porn ‘problem’ in Utah isn’t caused by the constant mention of it by Church leaders… Sow a thought, reap an action…

  2. Gail F. Bartholomew Reply


    I was born in 68, and yes homosexuality is better accepted today better then when I was a kid in the 70’s. It is also true that blacks are better accepted today, interracial marriage is better accepted today, the idea that smoking is bad is better accepted today(there was no such thing as no smoking sections in restaurant or schools even in the 70’s), the idea that we should punish people for drinking and driving is better accepted today, the idea we should punish spousal and child abusers is better accepted today, the idea that employers can not sexually harass their female employees is better accepted today, the idea that alcohol should not be drank during work hours is better accepted today, that abuse of alcohol is a problem. The list goes on and on and on. Are all these things a result of pornography. If so we need more and more of it, because sure has brought about a lot of good since I was a kid.

  3. Gail F. Bartholomew Reply

    PS Mike even the idea that casual sex is a bad idea is better accepted now than it was in the 70’s.

    In my opinion our society has gotten a lot smarter since the 70’s.

    • Ozpoof Reply

      I’m sure casual sex is less accepted now than the ’70s. A lot of publications now highlight the dangers and people are sometimes berated for including images on websites that show unsafe sex. In the secular world, people who are openly promiscuous are looked down on very much.

      I constantly hear Mormons saying that these must be the last days because things are so bad and sin is rampant. The further back in time you go, therefore, must be better. This is historically false. There are plenty of times in history when terrible things happened – mostly under the direction of religious leaders – and others were simply ignored. The fact that pedophilia is talked about a lot now does not mean it is a recent problem, in fact there have been (and are) societies where pedophilia was the norm. Joseph Smith who married two 14 year olds would be locked up today for this predatory act, especially since he bribed the parents of Helen Mar Kimball to hand her over in exchange for exaltation in the next life.

      Nazism, slavery, child brides, disposable women and children, the Crusades, the Inquisition, rape, pillage, subjugation, female genital mutilation and other atrocities seem to be reducing, even if the reduction is per capita. Then there are the societies that were acting in perpetual states of warfare with women and children taken as booty. The world sounds bad now because of the media, but there are 6.5 billion people now who seem to be getting on very well and who are fighting the small minority who want to spread hatred and abuse women and children. How is this worse than any other time in history?

  4. Gail F. Bartholomew Reply


    You make a good point about the devil. Say the reason God sent us here was so we could learn and grow. Some how I think the best environment would be one where you can freely learn from mistakes. I think the idea of being afraid of some unseen being that is working to trip up seems pretty counter reductive.

  5. Swearing Elder Reply

    At about 35 minutes, does this go on record as the shortest Mormon Expression podcast ever? (Not complaining, just wondering.) Take that, five hour Mormon Stories podcasts! 😉

  6. Glenn Reply

    THANK YOU MIKE!!! After 20 years I finally know the answer to that analogy question I missed on my ACT:

    Arabs are to England as ___________ are to the south west.

    And for the record, I have talked about the repetition in three-patterns, not double-talk, but I’m glad I’m getting through a little bit. You are almost there (once you join the other 1/3rd of us).

    And Christian, I loved the “left foot doesn’t know what the right foot is doing” — truly inspired.

    Great job all around.

  7. Polly Anna Reply

    I had a seminary teacher that printed of the talk by Benson on pride and put it in scripture format and had us paste it into our scriptures. He told us we should never say we are proud of anything. That was in 2003 I believe. He really liked that talk. He was a CES employee too not just an average member who was assigned to teach. He taught seminary for a living.

  8. Ozpoof Reply

    I really thought an opportunity was missed when the speaker painted secularists as dishonest to highlight the extensive list of examples of dishonesty from Mormonisms’ highest ranked leaders. This dishonesty started with Joseph Smith and continues to the dark dealings during the Prop 8 money channeling that the for which the church got into legal trouble.

    A list of all the hideous nonsense spewed by Brigham Young that could qualify as prophecy under the 14 point Kimball talk that was reiterated in this session could have been spoken of also. One such “prophecy” involves interracial couples which Young considered to be sinners of such a degree that they should be put to death.

  9. Randy Snyder Reply

    Hey Fred,

    So when they perform the first gay temple sealing ceremony in the Oakland Temple (closest temple to San Fran right?) in 2091, you will be taking credit for predicting that and in some small way, bringing it to pass?  ;-)You know, this hasn’t been a problem for me.  I’ve yet to be called an anti-Mormon.  What do I gotta do to get into the club of falsely accused “anti Mormons”?

    • Fred W. Anson Reply

      Sorry Randy, but I wouldn’t want to detract from the hard work that the folks at Affirmation ( http://www.affirmation.org/ )  and/or Mike Quinn ( http://www.amazon.com/Same-Sex-Dynamics-among-Nineteenth-Century-Americans/dp/0252069587/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1310594304&sr=1-1 ) have done in that regard should your Oakland scenario come to pass – and I suspect that at some point it will if Mormon History is an indicator. 

      And I hope that they have the good sense to reverse and apologize for Mike Quinn’s unmerited and unjust excommunication the same day. But that’s me. 

      YOU WROTE 
      “What do I gotta do to get into the club of falsely accused “anti Mormons”?”

      Well, apparently all you have to do is post the “wrong” kinda stuff or have the “wrong” kinda friends in your Facebook news feed – that’s all it takes.  Just ask Mike Tannehill.  Yes, indeed, even Mike got accused of being an “Anti” because of what some the stuff that his weird friends from a website called “Mormon Expression” (obviously an Anti-Mormon fountain that site!) posted that showed up in his Facebook news feed.  

      After all, “guilty by association” – right? “You’re known by the company you keep!” ain’t that what Momma usta say?

      So yes indeed Mike Tannehill can join Gordon B. Hinckley on the list of “Anti’s”!  GBH must be smiling down from the Celestial Kingdom at his “brothers” on the list! 


      • Randy Snyder Reply

        I have posted many things on FB to even TBM’s and TBM family members and nobody has tagged me to my face yet.  I even have done podcasts on these anti-Mormon places like ME and MS.  I’m sure I’ve been tagged an anti behind my back but I suppose most people that know me in real life know I am passionate about everything I do and I like to argue too.  I suppose they just don’t want to deal with me.  Lol.

        Now apostate.  I’ve been called that before but I wear that like a badge of honor.

        I am curious, Fred, how you went from Mormonism to Evangelical Christianity.  Is there a blog or something I can read telling your story?  For me, once I applied the same skeptical eye to Mormonism, I did the same to Christianity and it broke down too in my eyes.  It’s less falsifiable due to its antiquity of course.  Not the topic, I know, but I’ve been curious ever since our Screwtape podcast encounter.

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