Episode 85c: 180th Semi-annual General Conference Sunday Review

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  1. Randy Snyder Reply

    Sorry Glenn, I have to say this. I was hoping for an evisceration of Boyd K Packer but I got a treatment of it that was critical sure, but seemed toned down for the benefit of your mother. Also, the comment your mother made about how she appreciates or respects that he is at least being honest about how he feels and that he is only preaching what he feels is right and it comes from a place of love. I know you got your mother to back off a bit and kudos for that but no, Boyd, you don’t get credit for using your significant position of influence and power over millions to spread your bigotry that ignores all the overwhelming evidence both sociologically, physiologically, and psychologically. Your disgusting display of hatred and intolerance turns otherwise good people into bigots and otherwise healthy Mormon homosexuals suicidal. You have learned nothing and you refuse to even acknowledge the truth. May Jebus “release” you before you can do any more damage.

  2. Swearing Elder Reply

    It was fun to hear the Conference Review: FHE Edition.

    As hot under the collar as John L. got about the Quentin Cook talk, I’m glad (for his blood pressure’s sake) that he wasn’t on for this one. His mic might have melted after talking about Boyd Little-Factory Packer’s talk. Boyd’s little pray-the-gay-away talk makes me stabby. I collected a few of the links about how viral his talk has gone.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    I really liked this episode. It was very cool to hear Glenn’s mom, sister & wife sit along side Glenn to discuss conference. Very nice. And although I thought your Mom was a bit generous with some of her comments, I suppose it must be expected and frankly I applaud her for agreeing to do the show. Kudos to your wife too, who seemed a bit apprehensive of the idea but did a terrific job. And Melissa is a favorite of mine (based on her comments in the RS session, episode 83.

    John was on fire for the last half. What a great session/podcast all around! Thanks to everybody who participated.

    This Packer talk sure is going to fuel the fire for a lot of us for weeks to come. For that, I am grateful. Woo hoo! More reasons to support my personal belief that religion is poison. 🙂

    • Glenn Reply

      Thanks Richard. Yes, my mom’s comments were generous, but they were honest, and part of her female TBM balance to the podcast, don’t you think? 🙂

      The really nice thing is that my mom has recently been won over by the biological origin of (at least some) homosexuality, and she is very open and supportive of me and Melissa and is a fan of the podcasts.

      And Randy, she laughed when she read that you thought I was toning it down for her benefit. Maybe I was a little, but I am usually pretty much the same with her as I would ever be. I think.

      • Fred Reply

        Glenn’s Mom is a keeper!

        She belongs on the podcast. In fact I would love to hear from this same family roster on future podcasts. The chemistry is great and the differing perspectives exclusively from a single family unit are fascinating.

        • Anonymous Reply

          I second this comment. Glenn’s mom is cool. I prefer her TBM balance to some of Mike’s strange views. Not that I want to get rid of Mike.

      • Randy Snyder Reply

        Glenn, I think it’s natural to tone it down for a believing parent. My uber TBM mom has been dead for 14 years but my reasonable TBM dad doesn’t get my full expression most of the time to spare his feelings. I’m not knocking you for doing that, I’m just saying I was breathing fire after the Boyd’s talk and was in the mood for a skewering of the man. Your mom is great. I meant no disrespect.

        But to test whether you toned it down, do you think you would have responded in the same way if Mike was on the show instead of your mother and he said the exact same thing?

        • Dgostlund Reply

          Good point. And interesting conenction, as Mike often reminds me of my dad. Sorta.

    • Fred Reply

      I’m not convinced that ALL religion is poison but I’m certainly convinced that Boyd K. Packer is.

      • Anonymous Reply

        True enough. But I like to exaggerate to make a point. “Religion is poison” is just my way of saying I think the harm it causes far outweighs the good. And that otherwise good people do some effed-up things merely because of their religious beliefs.

  4. Fred Reply

    I was SO stoked over the inclusion of Bridget Jack Jeffries in this podcast!

    Personally I think that there’s great value in having an “outsider looking in” perspective when it comes to General Conference. In particular it was helpful when Bridget (who is stunningly knowledgeable about Mormonism) gives the “Could you Mormons explain that to me? I was lost at that point!” on behalf of those of us who have never had to suffer . . . I mean, “benefit” . . . from a General Conference session.

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