Episode 95a: Doctrine and Covenants 132 for Dummies Part 1

John Larsen is joined by Zilpha, Glenn and Tom to discuss D&C 132.
Episode 95a

21 comments on “Episode 95a: Doctrine and Covenants 132 for Dummies Part 1”

  1. DuzTruthMatter Reply

    Is Glenn maybe a little depressed from his interview a couple of weeks ago. He sounds like he’s taken a few too many pills on this episode.

    • Glenn Reply

      I think you have it backwards — maybe I should have scheduled the Depression podcast with AdamF AFTER reading 132. I’m still trying to catch my breath. Ten virgins? For real??? Ouch!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Yo, where’s Mike?!
    I haven’t listened yet but I imagine he will be sorely missed for this one. But it’s good to have Tom back and Glen & Zilpha are always great. This will be a good one…

    • Fanson Reply

      I must confess that the first name that I looked for on this podcast was Mike’s. I haven’t listened to it yet but it seems like broaching this topic without his stunning powers of incredulous . . . that is to say . . . incredible skill at irrational rationalization would eliminate all the fun!


      • Mike Tannehill Reply

        I really wish I could have been there, especially after hearing it! I was out of town on a job.

        • Anonymous Reply

          Bummer dude. We really missed you on this one. But now’s your chance to make up for missing it and start commenting on stuff! Let us know what you would have done different. What is missing from the mix?

        • Anonymous Reply

          Bummer dude. We really missed you on this one. But now’s your chance to make up for missing it and start commenting on stuff! Let us know what you would have done different. What is missing from the mix?

  3. Moms Reply

    I attended Seminary in the 70s. There was no doubt in the teachings there and in other church venues that D&C Section 132 – The New and Everlasting Covenant meant plural marriage. I vividly remember that it was discussed in the context that while it was necessary in the church early on and was not currently practiced, it was an eternal principle. It would be practiced in the eternities, Not only that but the policies on temple marriage after the death of a spouse supported this. Men could remarry for eternity while a woman could not. It seems disingenuous to me that the church emphasizes it’s position that marriage is between one man and ONE woman. I find it difficult to believe that the general authorities, most of whom are older than I am, do not believe that plural marriage is part of the afterlife and eternity.

    • Anonymous Reply

      It means both, ‘eternal marriage’ and ‘done as in polygamies way’ or ‘plural marriage’ or better still it means ‘eternal marriage following the rules of polygamy’ as set out in 132.

      Both are still in place in the church’s sealing policies listed clearly in Book 1 of CHI

  4. Ssimonsays Reply

    hey expressionists love your podcasts, after listening to sec 132 I thought for those studious types they might want to check out this blog’s interpretation of 132. This is my favorite blog as “The Watcher” seems to study many things in depth and make sense of it so we can understand more on the subjects he presents, Larsen sound like he loves this kind of stuff, so read it!


  5. Swearing Elder Reply

    “BOINKING!” I nearly fell off the treadmill laughing at that… Thanks Mormon Expression for endangering not only my eternal salvation, but my temporal well-being too.

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  8. Jay Bryner Reply

    Hey. You guys started telling a story I haven’t heard before, then got caught up in the conversation and never came back to it. The story of Joseph Smith almost getting castrated. Or something…? And it had to do with a plural wife? Can one of you guys pick up that thread and tie it up?

    • Anonymous Reply

      It was an angry -married to his wife for life only and before men only – dude who wanted to castrate him.

      A very angry dude!

  9. Anonymous Reply

    I’ve only managed to hear most of part 1, however already what strikes out at me is the total ignorance of the panel members of the current sealing policies of the church. A-they are established going on what 132 says. b-polygamy is still current in the sealing policy ie men can be married for eternity to any number of women whilst women need a cancellation of the first marriage to marry another C-the clearance for men is only to ensure all is in order and that Sarah’s law is met, if a first wife denies permission even if she is still excommunicated and with another man, the clearance will be denied on first application (and I know 2 men this has happened to, one was a 1st counselor in bishopric) d-the new and everlasting covenant is ‘eternal marriage’ but the rules to enter into it varies form time to time ie now men need a clearance, but can’t be done ‘for life plus all eternity now until after the death or divorce from first wife etc c-the afterlife that keeps coming up is misunderstood imo, it’s actually the millenium years when these things will be fixed or corrected because marriage can only happen her on earth. etc etc I could go on but I think you’ll get the jist of my complaining here….

    However I enjoy the podcasts and listen to them as ofter as possible, all the best and merry christmas to you’s all’s 🙂

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