Episode 98a: Christmas Music part 1

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  1. Bka325 Reply

    I can’t believe Glen has never seen the forgotten carols. I don’t know if you are really Mormon. 🙂
    I liked that episode. It was different, but fun.

    • Bka325 Reply

      But seriously Glen, you would like it. I just went to it with my fiance. At the end he says some corny jokes and then he makes everyone hold hands and then everyone sang “We can be together forever.” I liked it. haha

      • Glenn Reply

        Well, maybe it’s because it came out in 1991 when I was on my mission. And aside from a few years at BYU, I have been outside of Utah since 1996, so it just never entered into my consciousness. I was already outside of my family christmas traditions by the time it came out. But I’ll have to take a look at it now, if for no other reason than to answer the age old question: is he really John the Beloved or is he just crazy?

    • Bka325 Reply

      But seriously Glen, you would like it. I just went to it with my fiance. At the end he says some corny jokes and then he makes everyone hold hands and then everyone sang “We can be together forever.” I liked it. haha

  2. Oz Reply

    Great job guys, nice mix of music and artists. Here is my list in no particular order.

    I Believe In You Sinead O’Connor
    Christmas Song Dave Matthews Band
    Silent Night Enya
    Ava Maria Perry Como
    Home For The Holidays Perry Como
    Don’t Shoot Me Santa The Killers
    Another Lonely Christmas Prince
    Do They Know It’s Christmas Band Aid
    The Birth Of Christ Boyz II Men
    O Holy Night Tracy Chapman
    I Won’t Be Home For Christmas Blink 182

    Honorable Mention:
    Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Pooh South Park

    Have a great Holiday to ALL!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Few thoughts-

    Love Christmas music from my childhood-
    Nat King Cole Christmas Album
    Jimmy Dean Christmas album – yes, the sausage guy did a Christmas album
    Stuff from the movie White Christmas

    Glad to hear form Nyal again as well.

    And although it has nothing to do with Christmas I agree with the Dexter lovers. It’s great. I’m a few seasons behind— need to catch up.

  4. Allen S. Reply

    Glenn & Melissa,
    Would it be possible for you to post the alternate lyrics to the tune “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” sung at your family talent show? You mentioned the first line: “The restroom door said gentlemen…..”

    I love alternate words to popular songs. While serving in England during the early 70’s we had a mission Christmas talent show which included several songs sung with alternate lyrics. The songs I remember are below.


    The Twelve Hours of Tracting —-Sung to the Tune of “Twelve Days of Christmas”

    In the first hour of tracting we tracted up for us.
    A child looking through a mail-slot. (Many English front doors had a slot for the postman to deliver mail.)
    Two OAP”s (Old Aged Pensioners)
    Three Baptists
    Four Catholic Priests
    Five Stanch JW’s
    Six Vickers bickering (A Vicker is the Church of England equivalent of a priest.)
    Seven Packi’s packing (London was filled with thousands of Pakistani’s in the 1970’s)
    Eight unwed mothers
    Nine Gracer’s gracing (Those saved only by grace)
    Ten Quaker’s quaking
    Eleven Jews a Jewing
    Twelve bankers with no interest

    These nine songs with titled “The Six Discussions”

    Discussion #1—-Sung to the tune of “Give Said the Little Stream”

    [Definition of flog or flogging: mission slang term for very intense missionary work. Extreme pressure (flogging) was put on the missionaries to make and fulfill very number oriented goals such as baptisms, hours tracting, BOM’s given out, etc.]

    Flog said the ADL (Assistant District Leader), flog O flog, flog O flog.
    Flog said the big DL (District Leader) as he looked at our reports.
    These reports I’ve got to say are really low, let’s flog away.
    Challenge and commit today, let’s give those books away.

    Discussion #2—-Sung to the tune of “Popcorn Popping”

    I looked out the window and what did I see,
    Elders knocking at the door for me.
    Christmas brought me such a nice surprise,
    Elders flogging right before my eyes.
    I tried to hide but the kids hit the lights.
    They opened up the door and I was right in sight.
    I said I’m C of E. (Church of England).
    They said that’s fine with me,
    We’ll still give you an FHE.

    Discussion #3—-Sung to the tune of “I Have Two Little Hands”

    They had two little flip charts all lovely and nice.
    With plenty of pictures that looked out of sight.
    During all my objections they stayed cool and calm.
    And when they had left in my hand was a BOM. (Book of Mormon)

    Discussion #4—-Sung to the tune of “Popcorn Popping”

    I looked in the book and what did I see.
    People sailing cross the deep blue sea.
    Lehi brought them to the promised land.
    They were guided by the Lord’s own hand.
    The good ones followed Nephi and they were right.
    But Laman was the wicked one and liked to fight.
    He dragged off half their kin.
    They soon fell into sin.
    The Lord has given them a reddish skin.

    Discussion #5—-Sung to the tune of “I have Two Little Hands”

    The Elders they came just the other day.
    And showed me how Christ’s Church had fallen away.
    They said I’d be baptized as soon as I knew.
    That all of the things that they told me were true.

    Discussion #6—-Sung to the tune of “Oh Little town of Bethelem”

    Oh little word of Wisdom, now why are you so tough.
    No coffee, booze, or tea, or fags, I grove on all that stuff.
    Yet in my dark mind shineth the champion of right.
    Although you’re difficult to live, I’ll try with all my might.

    Discussion #7—-Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”

    The Elders came last week and showed how Adam’s fall,
    Was just on his unlucky head and not on mine at all.
    And then they came again, three glories they did show.
    And when this life on earth is o’er, to paradise we’ll go.
    Oh, the highest one is like the sun that’s where I want to be.
    If that’s my goal I’ll flog my soul to progress eternally. (This line is sung to last stanza of Jingle Bells.)

    Discussion #8—-Sung to the tune of “I Have Two Little Hands”

    Twas the night before my date (baptismal date) and what did they say.
    Now a tenth of my income I’m going to pay.
    They said I’d be baptized as soon as I knew, that all of the things that they told me were true.

    Basptism—-Sung to the tune of “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”

    It’s really been a wet Christmas.
    I spent it in baptismal white.
    Now I know for sure what is right.
    And to all false doctrine good night. (The last two lines are sung to the last two stanza’s of “White Christmas”.)

    • Glenn Reply


      This would be great stuff for the folklore archives at BYU (folk songs), and good examples of the Mormon Christmas theme we explored at times throughout the podcast. I don’t remember the lyrics that my aunt sung, so I’ll leave that to melissa, but there are several different versions on YouTube. I’ll post a link below. I don’t think it is mormon-specific the way the lyrics are that you posted above, but it’s kind-of funny, and at least this way you can hear and see how it goes. Here’s the link:


      (BTW — I had a companion who made up his own lyrics to Eye of the Tiger, and would sing them at the door right after our prayer everytime we would leave the apartment to go tracting. It was very annoying. And no, I don’t remember any of the lyrics at all.)

      • Melissa Reply

        Yeah, This link is the same lyrics I remember. I’ve been singing it in my head ever since the podcast!
        I always remember one I learned in Seminary. It’s 2Nephi 9:28 &29, Sung to the tune of “popcorn popping.” Why is that always the tune?

  5. Gail F. Bartholomew Reply

    This is a lot of fun. I hope you make it a tradition.

    First I wanted to comment on Micheal Meclain. He visited our mission and his movies were a huge part of my mission. We used “Our Heavenly Fathers Plan” to teach the first discussion. When “Together Forever” came out we were instructed to show every member in the ward the movie. The same thing when “laber of Love” I now can not listen to anything by him with out getting sick.

    Second, during my 13 years I lived in Utah I thought Utahan’s loving to decorate for Christmas. They also loved to decorate for Halloween. I alway use to say that we love our pagan holidays in Utah.

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