Episode 126: Brian Dunning of Skeptoid

Tom and Al interview Brian Dunning of the popular scientific podcast Skeptoid. Brian is a former Mormon and he talks to us about his background growing up Mormon and his life being involved with the skeptic community.

Skeptoid Podcast

Decrypting the Mormon Book of Abraham

A Mormon History of the Americas

Here Be Dragons Movie

Episode 126

10 comments on “Episode 126: Brian Dunning of Skeptoid”

  1. Eric Reply

    I really like the way Brian expresses his way of thinking. I wish he would be more critical of religion. Toward the end of the podcast, he talked about how angry it made him that pseudo-scientists will take the money of gullible people. I assume that everyone who listens to this podcast will instantly draw a parallel to the Church and tithing. I wish Tom or Al asked Brian what he thought about the obligatory 10% to the church.

    FYI – your links to the Book of Abraham and American History podcasts are flip-flopped.

  2. Tony B. Reply

    I have been following Skeptoid almost from the beginning and had no idea that Brian had a Mormon background! I simply thought his Mormon episodes just fit in with the rest of his skeptical inquiries. Thanks for the interview Tom, Al, and Brian.

  3. G Reiersen Reply

    Thanks so much for that interview! I immediately checked out Brian’s website after listening to this podcast and watched his “Here be Dragons” movie. His website could easily become my favorite website! How did I miss encountering it before now? I love his way of explaining things! I tend to agree with Eric, though, that he is not sufficiently critical of religion. The more I learn about history, science, religion in general and Mormonism in particular, the more convinced I become that the term “false religion” is inherently redundant in almost the same way that “female woman” is redundant.

    • G Reiersen Reply

      On second thought, though, I understand his concern that if he did overtly criticize religion as harshly as it deserved to be, it would turn off and turn away some who would otherwise have listened to and benefitted from his good sense and wisdom.

  4. Randy Snyder Reply

    I had no idea Brian Dunning was a former Mormon. He’s one of my heroes. In my exit from Mormonism, skepticism drew me in immediately and I took to it like a fly to feces. Skeptics Guide to the Universe was first on my plate but then I found Skeptoid and it provided a slightly different variety. I really liked his podcasts on the BoM and Abraham papyrus.

    Great get Mormon Expression and especially big Al!!!

  5. Kyle Harris Reply

    I had no idea Brian is a former Mormon. I have listened to most of his skeptoid episodes and love “here be dragons.” I can’t wait to listen to this episode.

  6. Swearing Elder Reply

    Brian is great. As I made my final clean break from Mormonism he was one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. I felt like I had to rewire my brain and he really helped with that. I continue to listen and to be a fan… Thanks, Brian!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    I recently got into a disagreement with a coworker about a social issue. The ridiculous thing is that this person and I actually agree on the issue. But I had to defend the opposite side because his attacks basically just consisted of hurling insults at the people who back the particular social issue. The thing I value most about Skeptoid (aside from learning about a bunch of interesting stuff I’d never heard of before) is that Brian sticks to the topic at hand instead of just bashing on people who believe in those things. Another thing I love about Skeptoid: the snarky responses to feedback. 🙂

  8. Mad Reply

    Brian is an arrogant ass!  911 has more info that it was not the arabs!  Go look at the FACTS.  they could not fly worth a damn!  some are still alive!  The government case that he believes is the real dragon.  Everything that Alex Jones says is a lie!!  cmon!  go check his facts too. 

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