Episode 127: Bookclub: Added Upon

John Larsen, Zilpha and Robyn discuss Nephi Anderson’s Added Upon.

Episode 127

8 comments on “Episode 127: Bookclub: Added Upon”

  1. Richard of Norway Reply

    Cool podcast. My Dad has been trying to get me to read this book for years – since before I left the church. Probably because I live here in Norway. There are a few other books by this author that remain popular in my family. At least among my parents’ generation. I have one book by Nephi Anderson on my bookshelf but have never read it. It’s publishing date is 1950-something.

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  3. JB Reply

    Great bookclub episode. It convinced me to add a few of Anderson’s books to me ‘to-read’ list.

  4. Swearing Elder Reply

    I had never heard of this book. Interesting stuff. I love how fiction can be used as history and how it can help remind us (or show us) how culture worked in a certain period.

  5. Invisible Church Reply

    This book was in my parents’ library; i read it as a kid and forgot about it a long time ago. It was fun to be reminded of it again.


  6. Invisible Church Reply

    By the way John, not to be a jerk but FYI it’s “thea-oh-loh-jun” not theol-jun”.

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