Episode 142: The History of Online Mormonism: The Board Wars

John Larsen is joined by Ann (Nanna P), Jason (Dr. Shades), Thayne (Nom de Cypher), and Chris (Froggie) to discuss the history of online bulletin boards.

New Order Mormon (NOM)
Further Light and Knowledge (FLAK)
Mormon Dialogue (Mormon Discussions aka MAD Board)
Mormon Discussions (MD)
Ex-Mormon Recovery Board (RFM)
Post Mormon

Episode 142

14 comments on “Episode 142: The History of Online Mormonism: The Board Wars”

  1. Anonymous Reply

    I really appreciated this podcast, not the least because of hearing the voice of my old friend Froggie from the rpcman’s 2think.org discussion board.  I will always have fond memories of participating in the discussions on that board–especially those involving Craig C. and Froggie and Alf O’mega.  I miss Froggie’s “big green hugs!”


    • Chris Cluff Webber Reply

      Gunnar!  You are such a prized relic of the LDS online past!  I am so grateful for the participants on that discussion board who were so gentle in discussion with me.  It made a huge difference in my personal journey.

      Big green hugs!

      Froggie aka Chris

      • Anonymous Reply

        So! Now I’m a “relic of the online past?”  Way to boost my ego! :-;  Seriously though, I recognize and appreciate the compliment–especially coming from someone as amazingly prizeworthy and praiseworthy as yourself!  With the possible exception of my own dear wife, I know of no kinder, gentler or more understanding soul than you.

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  3. SloMoJoe Reply

    Wow. I listened to that whole damn thing and not a single mention of Polygamy Porter?

    I want my money back.

    • JoePalmeto8934 Reply

      Totally agree with you bro.

      Shady Acres Trailer Park was coined by hi for cripessakes!

  4. Glenn Reply

    I found this absolutely fascinating!  What a great history/sociology lesson — especially for someone like me who was never in the loop with any of this.  Excellent job to all involved.  Thanks for doing this.

  5. Surf40 Reply

    I’ve been on LDS discussion boards since 1992, and was looking for some history of those earliest boards, but you never got back that far. I was disappointed that you never talked about Mormon-L or LDS-Net. Mormon-L was actually hosted on the BYU Unix servers, and was run by BYU professor J. Michael Allen.  It was a pretty middle of the road board but finally got yanked off BYU servers after  Louis Midgley made a fuss on what we were talking about. At the time it was the most liberal of the practicing Mormon boards.  You missed the whole first generation on online Mormons! You should have named your podcast  “History of the Ex-Mormon Boards”

  6. Derrick Clements Reply

    Interesting discussion.  I have to admit my iPod didn’t show the whole title so I thought it was going to be about “online mormonism,” including the bloggernacle, podcasts, etc.  I wish it did include that more. But the story of boards is interesting too.

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  8. Andrew S Reply

    Definitely late to comment here, but I definitely think there should be a second part about the blogs…this was pretty interesting, though, since I’m not really that involved with the blogs currently. 

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