Episode 160: October 2011 General Conference Sunday Sessions

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  1. Megan Reply

    The compensation issue was fascinating – doesn’t it reflect a sort of pagan view of things? It reminds me of Vikings and wergilt where there was a literal code of laws outlining so much compensation for loss of a toe, so much for loss of a limb. What’s more, it harks right back to the OT idea of eye for an eye, which Jesus was supposed to actually do away with?

    Like so many people I’ve experienced an episode of significant suffering in my life and I don’t find the idea of compensation comforting in the least. I’ve had the suffering, I lived through it, I tried to grow through it, but I had it. Patting me on the head and saying some loving God is going to ‘compensate’ me in the eternities does nothing for the real fact of my suffering in this life, and instead seems to trivialize it.

  2. Hermes Reply

    Alas, I cannot agree with President Monson.  I wish that lying for the Lord was passe, but it seems to remain in style among us LDS (at least in public places).

  3. Di Reply

    At 28 ish, you have Niel (Nile?) using his real name while asking you to censor his real name. May want to go back and edit.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Whoever made the comment about the 10% increase in pay (from no longer paying tithing) but not looking forward to all that gay sex – made me fall out my chair laughing. Awesome. 

  5. Takingcrzypills Reply

    As kind of a side note,   did anyone hear the interview with Keith Hamiton and Carole Mikita on sunday morning?      I was pretty sure when I heard it on the radio that they said that Elijah Abel never got the priesthood. So I listened to it again online just to be sure and turns out they totally did.    My brain kinda exploded.   

    Here it is if anyone wants to hear it;

    The madness seems to start at about minute 33. 

  6. Chino_Blanco Reply

    I suppose like many who listen in during the daily commute, I mostly come around to be entertained, and this crew didn’t disappoint.  Two thumbs up for the irreverence. 

  7. Macha Reply

    I thought this was a great episode!

    There was something that upset me though.  When you were talking about finite crimes and the atonement, Zilpha made a remark that most people who commit crimes such as murder are mentally ill.  I understand what you were getting at, that people who commit violent crimes aren’t necessarily culpable because of things that may have happened in their lives, etc.  But, the comment is not true, and I feel like it contributes to the stereotype of people who suffer from mental illness, that if you are mentally ill you are dangerous and potentially violent.  In reality, fewer than 1% of mentally ill people are a danger to others, and most people who commit violent crimes are not really mentally ill either.  Like I said, I think I understand what Zilpha was trying to say about a person’s responsibility for their actions, but I wish she hadn’t said that.

    • Richard of Norway Reply

      I think she means that people who kill have an anomaly in their brain and are considered either psychotic or mentally ill in some way. There is a chemical defect in the brain that murderers share. Of course, that is not to imply that all mentally ill people are dangerous. (This is all spelled out very nicely in Sam Harris’ book “The Moral Landscape”)

  8. Jacob Brown Reply

    John L. really ruined my fondness for Monson. I guess I left the church before he became prophet. I remember him as being very personal and gentle as an apostle. I loved listening to his stories amidst all the other boring stuff that was talked about during conference. He always had a sense of humor; although, now it seems like he’s on the verge of being irreverent.

    It really is fascinating to see what petty things people use as evidence for divine intervention. They are almost demeaning to an all-powerful and all-knowing deity. It is bothersome how often they involve money. I guess when you are really looking for confirmation you can find it in the simplest things.

    All the talks about the label “Mormon” are really getting tiring. Didn’t we just have a talk about this a conference or two a go? In some ways the leadership can’t seem to agree or make up their minds. In other ways they are gradually getting more sophisticated in their relationship to the label. Now it is okay to call people Mormon, but not the institution. Weird twist considering that “Mormon” is actually someone’s name. I guess that means we are taking upon us the name of “Mormon” now. 🙂

  9. Nonny Reply

    Enjoyed your conference recaps, as usual. My favorite episodes each year, well, twice a year.  Keep it up. 

  10. Elder Vader Reply

    Every 6 months I hear the same old tired trope about how if everybody would listen to the prophet everything would be amazing. 

    For the next 6 months, every time this comes up, I’m going to bring up “Moneypants” 

    “Okay, so out of the 7 billion people on the earth, God is going to talk to this guy.  And what does he tell us?  Moneypants.”  Gold gold gold. 

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Perhaps I’m a little crass and enjoy cantankerous banter, but my favorite part was comparing God to your neighbor Bernie. Maybe it is a little bit of “reductio ad absurdum”, but I had never thought of viewing God as a neighbor and then looking at the purported actions of God through that lens. It was perhaps the most enjoyable part of the discussion and the most insightful for me. 

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