Episode 193: Polygamy Today

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  1. ReaderMo Reply

    Is it just my podcast-listening app, or does this episode cuts off halfway through?

  2. Megan von Ackermann Reply

    D’you think the prison guards around Jeffs ever get tempted to just insert random things into his communications? Like all the polygy-husbands have to spend every second Tuesday hopping [for lo! The left foot is a symbol of all unrighteousness and in recognition of this symbol thou shalt not allow thine left foot to touch the earth, even on Tuesday which is the second day after the Sabbath, yea, on the second of the Tuesdays, for two is the number of thy feet and thus shalt thou know the day thereof, even the second Tuesday.]

    This was fascinating, disturbing in the Jeffs area of course, but fascinating. 

    I’m intrigued by the antipathy of the central LDS folks for the practice since it’s still eternal doctrine and is only ‘not being practiced for now.’

  3. Wes Cauthers Reply

    Very disturbing and yet not surprising.  While the COJCOLDS continues to try and distance itself from this stuff, the hard truth for them is that their origins are the same as currently practicing polygamists.  Moreover, a strong argument can be made that groups like the FLDS are closer in both belief and practice to Joseph Smith himself than they are.

    • Clay Painter Reply

       I agree, Wes.  I also think that no matter how hard the mainstream SLC church tries to distance itself, we speak the exact same language.  I recently watched the documentary “Sons of Perdition” that follows some lost boys around Saint George.  I was continually astounded that I needed absolutely no translation for the ideas and doctrines that they were explaining.

      • Wes Cauthers Reply

        Yes, “Sons of Perdition” was very well done…I agree that it shed much light on the undeniable connection between the COJCOLDS and the FLDS.

  4. Nathan Kennard Reply

    Fascinating insight. Prompted some fun conversation with my 12 year old who has not participated in anything mormon related for 4 years now.

    • Clay Painter Reply

       Hi, Jean.  It seems like a few have had that problem.  I am not tech-savvy, but have you deleted the episode and then re-downloaded it.  That seemed to help for a some other listeners.

      • Jean Bodie Reply

         Thanks Clay, I have heard it now. Really good job of bringing people up to date on polygamy issues.

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