Episode 212: Listener Essays 2012

11 comments on “Episode 212: Listener Essays 2012”

  1. Jared Lundholm Reply

    The essays are brilliant! I want to give my thanks to all the submissions. They really inspire me. It really is a great listen. I wasn’t sure about the temple one. Not offended but I wish I new the context meant by the person who submitted it.

  2. Hermes Reply

    Excellent essays, all of them. I enjoyed them all very much. Oddly, it seemed to me that the temple essay was simultaneously the most inspiring (in a traditional way) and apostate (in a traditional way, seeing that it quoted the ceremonies).

    • Hermes Reply

      Also, the “winning” essay is great. Joseph Smith, all-American hero of the nineteenth century — an odd mixture of Al Capone, L. Ron Hubbard, Bill Clinton, and Chael Sonnen. I loved the essay.

  3. Jessica Call Damon-Pugsley Reply

    I was incredibly moved by much of these essays. I mostly connected to the one paralleling abuse and enabling. My experience in the church was just that in such deep and destructive ways. Thank you!

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