Episode 215: October 2012 General Conference Saturday Sessions

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  1. Jack Rodwell Reply

    can anyone who has been to the temple tell me if newnamenoah videos on youtube are real. if so how would one sneak cameras in there for the endowment ceremony baptisms for the dead?

    • Richard of Norway Reply

      Yes, they are real. I have no idea how he does it or how one would record the baptismal ceremony but it’s really not that special or unique. Basically, if you’ve seen any Mormon baptism, that’s what it is in the temple, except in a special font (pool) above 12 oxen and done over, and over, and over again – each time for a different name.

    • SpannerNZ Reply

      One of nnn’s videos already shows baptisms for the dead. Sorry I don’t know which one. I had a look at several and in at least one of them he shows young people being baptised in the temple font. – It looks like the person with the camera sort of takes a wander around the temple, getting a few shots other than the endowment ceremony.

  2. Robert Saladino Reply

    I like how Elder Anderson brings up an obscure forged document and implies how most arguments against the church are lies or misunderstandings…
    This document is never an issue amongst most members who question their faith! The church does this all the time! That bring up issues that really nobody cares about and pretends their big issues just because they have a good response for it…
    They never mention
    19th Century Theology in BOM
    Blacks and Priesthood
    Changing revelations…just to name a few!

  3. Claudia S. Reply

    Thank you so much for this podcasts! I was waiting for them and I’m comforted to see opinions that agree with mine.
    I’ve started to become disaffected with the church in the past few months and just before Gen. Conf., I started to feel ok with the fact that I CAN criticize the Gen. Authorities!
    The two talks that made rage the most during the Saturday sessions were Elder Cook’s and Elder Anderson’s. They both made me feel that I’m committing a sin by doubting what the church teaches and that I must repent ASAP, oh yeah! and STAY AWAY from the false information of the internet.
    I’m having trouble being able to talk openly about my new opinions with people who would know what I’m talking about, who would know about the Mormon belief system and way of living. I’m not ready to openly talk with people at church cause I’m not ready for the answers I know they’ll try to give me. I’d love to some guidance into online communities of ex/disaffected mormons, any suggestions?

  4. Seeking Goodness Reply

    Just wanted to throw out there about Larry Echohawk (I used to work with him at the BYU Law School, seemed like a nice guy). It was kind of a big deal when he was made a General Authority because he technically had a position in the Obama Administration, as the head of United States Bureau of Indian Affairs. Adds an interesting perspective to his talk, in my opinion.

    • shortynotreally Reply

      A TBM friend told me about his talk, about how he called out Native Americans as Lamanites. I said, “The Church is still claiming that?” And he was like, “What do you mean?” And I dropped the topic but decided to go read the talk asap. Now that I’ve read it, I think it’s a very clever talk. The wording is fascinating. A casual listener would infer that he is indeed making the Lamanite/American Indian connection. But a careful reading shows that he never directly claims the direct lineage. I think a PR scrubbing kept it technically clean.

  5. Mark Reply

    ;Quentin Cook said that people who have historical problems with the church have found info on “the internet” that has either been exaggerated or completely made up. For him to categorize these issues that way is horribly dishonest- I have zero doubt that he is well aware that the damning info is found in church sources and it is solid. Instead of addressing one or two of the most problematic issues and explaining how people are misinterpreting things, he just blames it on “the internet” in an effort to keep more people from going there. He should seriously have his temple recommend yanked for that kind of dishonesty.

  6. Carol Mellen Munro Reply

    I know this happens all the time that LDS General Authorities receive credit for quotes and stories they share. FYI the starfish story you talked about is from “The Star Thrower” by Loren Eiseley

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