Episode 217: October 2012 General Conference Relief Society and Priesthood Sessions

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  1. Luman Walters Reply

    thanks for doing this. Although I do feel like I have to say that I wish a token apostate were on the panel for the priesthood session. I went even though I am not active at all because it’s important to my father that we continue the tradition. We kinda heard different talks you guys and I. If there’s one gripe of mine that I would like heard it would be the problem I had with Monson’s talk. If you choose to see people for how you would like them to be instead of how they truly are how could you possible love them? How could you possible love someone you refuse to see?

  2. chriss Reply

    I liked the addition of the 14 yr old son to the show. However, I was hoping for more commentary and discussion of the talks. It seemed you all just kinda gave a news story summary of each talk and moved on. For instance, did anyone take issue with the story of the “marijuana cigarette” (aka a joint)? It was way to simplistic. The police smelled their fingers and based on the smell of their fingers they were guilty. Having lived in Japan myself I know how strict drug laws are there but this way of accessing guilt or innocence even for Japan seems silly. I’m sure there is more to this story than the two who left the party are highly successful and the rest were losers.

    But the larger point to the story was to insinuate that one wrong click of the mouse or one wrong decision even if Innocent like attending a party where alcohol is served or some other vice could doom you for life. Choosing the wrong kind of friend or association can ruin your entire future, but if on the other hand you do everything right you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams. Its extremes in both directions. The world is filled with people that have made serious mistakes but have recovered and are very happy and successful, and many who adhere to all their faith tenets and commandments who are not successful financially, in career, or in relationships.

  3. Shawn Olsen Reply

    Good feedback Luman. I never thought of President Monson’s talk in that way. I do think he was trying to be inclusive, but you raise a valid point. Loving others despite a differing belief system from yours, or complete lack thereof, isn’t always easy. One of the odd things inherent to organized religion seems to be this notion that people will eventually come around to the right way of thinking. God will soften their heart, they’ll repent, etc. But what if they don’t? Some cultures/religions say you just shoot them. It’s a pickle. Tolerance is easy to talk about. I think the LDS culture, particularly in Utah, has created an island of misfit toys of sorts. Who wants a water pistol that shoots…jelly? Sad but true. I just try really hard to avoid this nonsense. In the end, I only can control me.

  4. Farmdog47 Reply

    This comment has nothing to do with General Conference. I apologize. But I would like to ask if this website is even worth the bother anymore. Your by-line says ongoing dialogue of all things Mormon? We just finished a presidential election that had a Mormon as a candidate of a major party, and not one comment? Please either make an attempt here, or just shut the thing down.

    • Heather_ME Reply

      You’re welcome Farmdog47. Putting out a podcast and maintaining a website takes a lot of work and we’re glad you appreciate our efforts.

      On a non-sarcastic note….

      Seriously, dude? Why don’t YOU take on putting out a podcast and then we’ll see if you have the nuts to criticize. 1 – John and Zilpha explained that they were pulling back from this project. They are under no moral obligation to put out content to please you. 2 – There is a lot of valuable content here. Shutting it all down because you aren’t happy with the lack of new episodes is ludicrous. 3 – There are plenty of other Mo themed podcast you could partake in. Check out Mormon Expositor, Feminist Mormon Housewives, Mormon Expression Voices (oh lookie! there is a link for it up there ^), Infants on Thrones, or The Church of Awesome. Google them, enjoy them, and be thankful for all the great episodes available for download here on this website….regardless of how infrequent new episodes are posted these days.

      • Farmdog47 Reply

        Heather, I noted some sarcasm in your non-sarcastic response. You are right I will now regard this site as a vast library of past podcasts, I wont expect much on-going dialogue.( there are other ways to start dialogue and discussion besides producing a time-consuming podcast).

        • sinclaire Reply

          i’m curious if you’ve listened to any of the other podcasts that John and Zilpha sponsor-the ones that they specifically mentioned in one of their final podcasts.

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