Episode 229: The Mormon View of Divinity

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  1. Ray Reply

    I loved this podcast. It makes me sad to see that a woman’s defined role in the church is to essentially disappear for the eternities. Wrong on so many levels. I hope that the youth become less and less tolerant of this horrible rhetoric.

  2. JT Reply

    Why do I get the impression that Joseph Smith was an atheist living out hero fantasies? Starting with his early success pretending to magical powers, he then projected himself into Book of Mormon prophets, then amped it up to play a latter-day prophet, then king of the world, and finally first in line to be a bona fide god.  What a boundless narcissistic cosmic self-projection!

     When I “hear” Joseph speak about god he sounds  like one those pompous bores who refer to himself in the third person.  With this he veiled his game – which required others to play along – by affording himself some deniability. He kept it going also by throwing his followers the “you can be gods too” bones. Smith was a master of walking the fine line between prophet and blasphemer among his own followers.

     I just don’t associate Joseph Smith with the word worship – unless it’s self-worship.  And now millions find his theology profound and uplifting. However, as this discussion made clear, Mormon theology only remains profound if you don’t ask some basic questions and work out its straightforward implications. First and foremost, isn’t swallowing the “I can be a god” belief tantamount to indulging in the same narcissism?  Just a little?

  3. Jim Mack Reply

    I got my monthly donation bill today for Mormon Expression and thought I should probably cancel that since they’re off the air. Low and behold, it was only today I realized the podcast is back in action! rejoice!

  4. ward Reply

    love almost all the podcasts… I hope in the future soon to be exmormons will be able to find all of the archives. they helped me get out of the cult.

    • hetaira Reply

      I’m with you ward, my week feels incomplete without hearing John L refer to someone as a d-bag. missing Zilpha’s insight, too. i need more “for dummies” as a non-mo to help me comprehend the foreign country I live in now (SE ID).

      • ward Reply

        There are some others you should see too. irreligiosity podcast is good. Thank God I’m atheist is good. my favorite is Scathing Atheist podcast. All these used to be Mormons.

  5. Lost_in_Provo Reply

    Will there be any more podcasts in the future? I hope Mormon Expression won’t go off the air. We need John Larson and Mormon Expression!!!

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