Episode 231: Elder Uchtdorf’s Talk, “Come, Join with Us”

13 comments on “Episode 231: Elder Uchtdorf’s Talk, “Come, Join with Us””

  1. East058 Reply

    Is there a limit to how many “f-bombs” are allowed in the podcast? It seems like most were censored but some were not lol. Either way I’m glad you’re back.

  2. AutumnalStride Reply

    I really wanted to find something to criticize about this talk, but I don’t think he gave me really substantial ammunition. As John said, he can’t really say that the church does things wrong, but he came closer than usual. To his credit, he at least made a rather large step (for the church) towards accepting the apostates.

    If there were more apostles like Utchdorf, I think I would be able to let go of a lot of my animosity toward the church. But then Oaks starts talking, and the mind-numbing incredulity returns as though it had never gone.

  3. Nate Koch Reply

    I thought people were getting a little too optimistic about this talk and when you lead in with, “Let me start with a quote from 1984,” I was like, thank you, John!

  4. JT Reply

    Perhaps a perfect Church/Priesthood does for Mormons what an inerrant Bible does for fundamentalist Christians and what the Pope does for orthodox Roman Catholics. They all satisfy a perverse need for security and stability driven psychologically by mortality salience and a high QQ (“groupishness quotient”).

    And these may be the same drivers that make it impossible to comprehend being moral without God or that a life can be meaningful if it doesn’t go on forever.

    In this tightly circumscribed world view, nothing is worth anything if it isn’t riding on the Ultimate train. This is the clever meme at the heart of religion – and it won’t go away as long as it remains so sticky.

  5. Bekah Reply

    Great podcast!! His talk made things worse for me as the only part my friends and family heard was the last part. They are clinging to the phrase doubt your doubts! I hate it!!

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  7. TISOG Reply

    I agree, the only think TBM’s get from this talk is “Doubt your Doubts”. ???!!!!

    • Darin Dixon Reply

      I think the “doubt your doubts” quote is the most dangerous take away from his talk. I’ve seen it WAY too many times as a meme on Facebook already.

      I realize that for many people it might just means ‘don’t second guess yourself’ but what it really means for most TBM’s is *just dismiss all those doubts you have about the church or its doctrine even thought they don’t make sense because… well… the church is true!*

      Being faithful isn’t safe enough for me any more. Better skeptical than sorry, I always say.

  8. Darin Dixon Reply

    Does anybody know what “mistakes” he was referring to? Did he reference them in his talk but I just can’t find them? I’m assuming that he didn’t, hence the podcast on how crappy of an apology speech this was.

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