Episode 232: The Euthyphro dilemma and Mormonism

9 comments on “Episode 232: The Euthyphro dilemma and Mormonism”

  1. EdmundsTucker Reply

    Interesting podcast. With all due respect to believing members, I was much more interested in a post-mo conclusion, that didn’t really ever “come to pass”. The parts with Lindsay were painful to listen to, although I respect her courage for voicing her opinions. So, what is the most widely accepted solution to the dilemma among deists?

  2. EdmundsTucker Reply

    I remember as a missionary some article floated around the mission from Cleon Skousan that must have been designed to address this. Anybody remember that?

  3. Jim Mack Reply

    I loved this episode! Both entertaining and thoughtful. The Euthyphro dilemma is one of my favorite theological topics.

  4. JT Reply

    One of ME’s best (IMO) – interesting and entertaining – and I saw an albino deer while I was hiking along listening – a good sign – didn’t shoot it neither, don’t own a gun.

    Interesting idea Dennis had about Mormon gods (small g) not being worship-worthy. But then Mormonism worships the Priesthood, right? That’s what people form deacons to gods need to make people obey’em. Do I remember Joseph teaching the power to resurrect bodies resides in the Priesthood? No atoning sacrifice without that, no sir. Jesus could suffer all he wanted – he still needed to get some that Priesthood working.

    It’s kinda like “the Force” – gods are Jedi Knights who die on the light side and get see-through and shiny for choosing the right – though I wouldn’t bet on waiting until the last minute like Darth. (http://www.dvdactive.com/images/editorial/screenshot/2009/8/spirits1983.jpg)

    And evil never came up. That’s a whole other kind of Jethro dilemma- unless it’s simply like the dark side of the Force. If Satan took dark-side lessons from Palpatine long ago in a galaxy far far away that would pretty much explain it. (http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/6/68616/2204580-emperor_palpatine.jpg)

  5. Gail_F_Bartholomew Reply


    Thank you for your contribution to this pod cast. Without your efforts to describe current Mormon thought or “Neomormon shit” or ” wax on wax off Mormonism” the podcast would not have been complete. No it does not line up with King Follett or anything else, but what does. As Mormons we are not taught or encouraged to critically analyze our theology with any degree of depth. I grew up thinking that Maxwell was a deep theological thinker. When I went on my mission I had not heard the name of King Follett. As Mormons our explanations never need to match up.

  6. Rod Surly Reply

    So, when is there going to be an episode to discuss Peter Boghossian’s book “A Manual for Creating Atheists”?

  7. Troy Reply

    In this awesome discussion Lindsay and Dennis talk about an idea that good exists because God exists. In other words Good is the character of God not necessarily his will. Dennis used a word for people who beleive this idea that sounded like “coinist”. What is that term? Anyone???

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