Episode 235: The Great Satanist Scare

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  1. goto10 Reply

    Fabulous. We listened to, mocked, and constantly quoted the Lynn Bryson talk, “Rock N Roll & The Occult” on the mission in 1990. “A spring clean for the May Queen? Is that what you want Led Zepplin? Shame on you!”

    A beautiful human being posted it recently (link below). A guy named Lynn Bryson is currently a 7th Day Adventist minister. Makes sense that it would be him.

    I highly recommend the Lynn Bryson chaser to this podcast. Never read Jay’s Journal. That was easier to find, on Amazon, for 8 bucks.

    Thanks for the early Christmas present MoEx.


    • SLC Bunk Reply

      I played the audio, from the fireside in the above link, backwards and it told me to leave the church.

  2. Zack Tacorin Reply


    As usual, I loved the podcast. I just wanted to give you kudos on your observation that Martha Beck’s abuse accusations against her father, Mr. Nibley, are bunk. The book Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me does a great job of explaining why Beck’s claims against her father should not be believed. As much as the former-Mormon community loves to rail against the likes of LDS apologist Hugh Nibley, we only harm our credibility in perpetuating bunk like Beck’s accusations.


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