Episode 240: Leaving the Church and Finding Yourself

2 comments on “Episode 240: Leaving the Church and Finding Yourself”

  1. Jim Mack Reply

    Will there be a live recording tonight? the front page says “Studio Dark,” I’m not sure what that means.

  2. Scott Evans Reply

    I completely identify with the idea of a 30/40 year old adolescent. At least WofW and LDS morality-wise. When I finally ended an unhealthy marriage, I took the opportunity to end an unhealthy religious relationship as well.

    And I was definitely a stereo-type for a few years. Ex-Mormon, divorced, mid-life crisis, I was the perfect storm of a 40 year old adolescent. I started a cigar collection, I decided I really liked Ketel One Vodka, had more than a couple very short term relationships….

    Then I settled down a bit and realized that I was as silly Against the church as I was orthodox with it.

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