Episode 241: The Church and Technology

7 comments on “Episode 241: The Church and Technology”

  1. Karen Merrell Reply

    Is anyone else having John only coming through the right ear, and Lindsey only through the left ear? It’s totally distracting.

  2. Miked Mormons Reply

    I’m guessing the audio failed and they used a stereo backup recording instead or recording the whole thing again.

  3. etchasketch44 Reply

    Speaking of technology, this podcast production value just sucks. Oh, and the paranoia is amazing.

  4. Scott Evans Reply

    The opposite side of the “nefarious” issue is that they, the LDS church actually believes they are doing good work! If you work from that mindset…that they are saving souls…both here and in the hereafter, then the record keeping and precision and databases make perfect sense. Not that they are “good” just that they aren’t “evil”. I think this is the classic rabbit hole that almost every conspiracy theorist falls into.

    It HAS to be a nefarious plot….It has to be spying and mind control and black hats and twirly mustaches.

    NO. It has to be a bunch of people who think they are doing the right thing and trying to come up with clever ways…more efficient ways of accomplishing it.

    You give the church WAY too much credit.

  5. phil Reply

    Will there be a follow up to more IT revealed? Financial structures, product creation and logistics for products like books and merchandise. More insight regarding tracking the future 70s and stake pres according to loyalty, performance, tithing and any stories involving hooking up well known lds families to positions within the “family” business? Network infrastructure and how globally connected the church is with their WAN connections. Perhaps any knowledge about offshore accounts being used.

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