Episode 243: The Doctrine of Mormon Hell

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  1. Tom Doggett Reply

    In regards to the second “doctrine” John jokes he was holding out for at the end of the episode, Bednar attempts to ruin that one in the Match Ensign/Liahona. Though if you look at the original records of the sermon in question you can easily see Bednar’s douchebaggery as he takes the word of two amateur note takers on the periphery of the Church over the notes of insiders because it helps his argument better. And for what? To break the hearts of TBM parents all over again and make them not accept the agency of their children?

  2. icebreaker Reply

    1) I do not think we become smoothies. Everyone has their parts – it’s just that they don’t work and all the viagra is in the celestial kingdom.

    2) If everyone in your family only makes it to the terrestrial kingdom, can’t you just be together forever there? Or are there dividers put up so that you can only associate with people that you had no relation to on earth? Either way, after you know those guys for a couple billion years, they’d be like family.

    3) If eternal punishment does not mean never-ending punishment then eternal marriage does not mean never-ending marriage? So it is possible that after our eternal life (which does not mean never ending) our intelligences could be reincarnated into butterflies?

    4) Whenever I talk with people about the afterlife they usually tell me how comforting and peaceful they are because they know what will happen. The old – we know where we came from, why we are here and where we are going.

    When we reach a point where they don’t have answers that make sense about the afterlife they say – well, we don’t know everything. But to them, an atheist/agnostic approach is so terrible – but it is the same thing except we just say we don’t know everything earlier on in the process. What good is one “answer” about the afterlife the invokes a million other questions. Just start at question #1 and say – how the hell do/COULD I know what will happen when I’m dead – I’m alive. This is comforting and peaceful to me.

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