Episode 244: The Doctrine of Mormon Heaven

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  1. Christopher Allman Reply

    When I would think of Mormon eternity, I would be filled with a sort of existential dread. Thinking about an eternity full of…whatever, it seemed so…empty and meaningless. Whether life last 80 years 80,000 years or an eternity, it is still just as meaningless. Still just, doing stuff…forever. What ‘meaning’ could there possibly be to that? What sort of ‘purpose’ is there to procreating into the eons?

    • Duwayne_Anderson Reply

      I remember when my parents told me that the earth was going to be turned into a great ball of glass (U&T) when it became a Celestial world. I was only about 8 or 9 nears old, but it totally devastated me. All I could think about were the mountains, hills, valleys, forests, creeks and streams that would be wiped out — to be replaced with a monotonous flat surface.

      • chrisalmond Reply

        Haha, yeah, I can’t imagine a crappier planet than one made of glass…except maybe one made of lead or lava.

        • mhodger Reply

          Interestingly, some scientists who are looking for alien planets are finding evidence that there are some made of a diamond like material.

  2. Duke of Earl Grey Reply

    One thing you didn’t really get into much was Spirit Paradise. That stage of Mormon “heaven” was the part I was dreading, because it’s apparently just constant missionary work, and I hated missionary work.

  3. Jim Mack Reply

    When I read the “Becoming Like God” article I got the same impression as Zilpha. It didn’t seem like they were abandoning the doctrine, but reaffirming it.

  4. icebreaker Reply

    1) Yeah – Spirit Paradise ha ha – is it restful, or is it missionary work? Two opposite things.
    2) Being in charge of a “planet” sounds like a lot of work, so I don’t want to do that anyway – but I also don’t want morons running the planets – so it makes sense that the “good” people would have to run them.
    3) Maybe our god thought it would be cool to run a planet, but then he realized how much work it would be. So in the beginning Adam and the peeps walked with god a lot – but now he just talks to a prophet every couple thousand years and then goes to the beach.
    4) I think Zilpha alluded to this, but for sure the heavenly mothers are at home taking care of the spirit kids that are still in diapers. Once the kids have all left the nest the mothers will get part time jobs and we will hear about them more.
    5) Is there a place in all of existence where we can just hang out with cool people and not stress about everything. Some sort of Hippy Heaven I guess.
    6) I have always been confused about if I would make the list or not. Usually in the same general conference you will get one talk that basically say “You guys are awesome and the lord’s chosen and yeah yeah happy happy” and another one that says “If you thought one bad thought in your life the only way to heaven is to be perfect afterwards the rest or your life – so, you suck” So, which is it – am I awesome,or do I suck? At about my 5th bad thought in my life I determined that I suck – so who cares anyway -we all failed “the test”. At that point it’s the teachers fault.
    7) Ok – yeah – this post is way too long for my first post ever. Please forgive.

  5. JT Reply

    A conversation overheard outside the heavy metal synthesis booth at the Kolob Matter Organizing Conference (KMOC): August 14, 83,391,720,103,742 CE

    Jeremiah 1 (J1): Greetings Jeremiah, how wonderful it is to see you. It’s been quite some time.

    Jeremiah 2 (J2): Dude, it be – let me at this – eighty three trillion, three
    hundred and ninety one billion, seven hundred and twenty million, one
    hundred and three thousand, seven hundred and forty two years. Am I on it? Am I righteous?

    J1: Uh… yes, plus or minus a couple of years. I recall we met just before our
    endowment at the Provo temple. Of course that was the first Thursday in May. You went by the name Michael then … indeed, I have a testimony that it was Michael Smith.

    J2: True dat – but call me J-dog. And you was William Johnson – the Big
    Willy Johnson, Princely P to the M-T-C. Who’da thunk we be a few tokens
    and a secret shake from sharing the same tag for eternity?

    J1: Yes, who would would have … thunk.

    J2: And just five million, seven hundred and sixty two thousand, eight
    hundred and fifty seven years before the Big Bro’s Second Coming.

    J1: Uh – yes, and so it was. Well, what have you been up to?

    J2: How much time you got?

    J1. Is that supposed to be a joke?

  6. aerin64 Reply

    I have also missed Zilpha, her perspective and input. So I’m glad to hear her as a panelist again.

    I liked the statement about humans not being made to be happy, but to reproduce. And I agree that is what some versions/perceptions of the celestial kingdom must be like. And there is certainly more to life (and one’s purpose) than simply reproduction.

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