Episode 248: Now What?

Having left the Church, many feel the desire to help fix “the problem of the Church”. John, Lindsay, Thayne and Dan discuss what the problem is and the best ways to change the world and the less effective ways to kick against the pricks.

Here is the link to the article refered to in the podcast about missionary numbers.


Episode 248

7 comments on “Episode 248: Now What?”

  1. Michael Watson Reply

    Always very good discussion. Thank you. Just a minor quibble. Lindsay mentioned that King Leopold was from Denmark. He was Belgian (Hence Belgian Congo). The Belgians would probably not mind the mistake, but I am sure the Danes would.

  2. Ray Arias Reply

    What happened to Top 10 Ways John Larsen Disagrees with John Larsen? Will it be in a future show?

    • randy Reply

      It got bumped for now. It is still being planned but isn’t on the schedule right now.

  3. Matt Reply

    Great discussion. It’s critical that we empower organizations that we agree with instead of complaining about ones we don’t.

    One question: since I’m relatively new to Mormon Expression and have only listened to a third of them or so, I haven’t heard what Lindsay *does* believe. Where can I find that? John led off by saying she’s “a believer”, but she sure didn’t sound like one. I don’t have any problem with that at all but I’m curious what “believer” means with her. Thanks!

  4. Henry Gale Reply

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy listening to the podcast. I am a practicing Mormon, but I’m honest enough to say I only “hope” the concept of eternal families. I’m not a believer, or a knower…I’m a hoper. I’m not enamored with Mormon culture, and recognize the coercive nature of the organization in the way it is set up. I do believe there are inherently good things that my family and I can learn there, but I’m not convinced 6 hours of meetings on Sunday is the best way to go about it.

    In this episode, someone mentioned that “Mormons” don’t listen to this podcast, or write you hate mail. While I hope the latter remains true, I hope you know the former isn’t entirely correct. Some of us that may be considered “luke warm” enjoy the open dialogue.


  5. CaCoast Reply

    Just heard the phrase Covenant Women mentioned here. Seems to me that the covenants that I made were in the temple, and those were promises that I made (stupidly) to the church, with no promises made in return. And the Baptismal Covenant is actually a myth because no promises are made at baptism. Just always bugs me to hear that phrase. rant/

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