Episode 266: The New Comers Guide to Utah Culture

6 comments on “Episode 266: The New Comers Guide to Utah Culture”

  1. David Dickson Reply

    Meetings boring? That’s because “church” is really a boring time-share presentation for Jesus.

  2. Craig Reply

    What’s the point of this episode as well as last weeks?
    I have heard many times that Mormon expression podcasts are for those out of the church that find you. Why back to back episodes directed at people who wont hear them unless someone sends a link to them?

  3. Crystal Reply

    I liked this episode. I laughed out loud while listening and watching the sunset lots. When you talk about the Mormon culture, it sounds like they are such an odd people, eh? I wonder if Utah was not settledby Mormons, if they’d ever have been so successful… The culture really is weird.

    That being said, I LOVE SLC. Every time I visit, I want to move there.

  4. Gail F. Bartholomew Reply

    Oregon full nudity and alcohol totally ok. John you should have checked it out when you were here.

  5. Jake Reply

    While I have never lived in Utah, except for a stint at BYU, Utah culture is on full display in singles wards on the East Coast, which tend to be dominated by transplants from the state. There was a clear pecking order based on what high school one went to. Utahns would not associate with others who attended a school considered to be in a less prestigious SLC (read socioeconomic) suburb. Also, high school gossip predominated conversations, even with people who were now in their early 30s. The favorite game was bragging how close you came to dating someone related to a general authority.

  6. Noell Hyman Reply

    I grew up Mormon, visited family in Utah every year growing up, and lived there myself while I was at BYU. Still, I did not know some of these things you described about Utah and I found it fascinating. It was also helpful in understanding my brother + sister in law who, right before a family gathering in a large cabin for 3 days, announced that they would not come if there would be alcohol there (half of us are no longer LDS and we drink appropriately). Very frustrating, and it leaves me wondering if they’re going to hijack our Thanksgiving and Christmas, too, by not allowing us to have wine if we want them there. 🙁

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