Episode 271: The Top Ten Lesser Known Mormon Scandals

9 comments on “Episode 271: The Top Ten Lesser Known Mormon Scandals”

      • Bitherwack Reply

        Yes, Ok, you are right. I don’t want to come across as a whiner… and yet, I think it would be interesting if you listen to the podcast with earphones. There is an odd thing that happens. It is like she is chewing gum right there, inches from your ear… you can almost feel her breath. Yes, I agree. It was distracting, and felt creepy while listening to this with earphones.
        … but then again, I don’t actually like to go to parties, so what do I know.

      • Dave H Reply

        I don’t care if people chew gum at parties, I care if they do it in front of a microphone on a podcast because it garbles their speech and sounds gross.

  1. Good Stuff Reply

    I notice you mince words unnecessarily sometimes, for example you would say “this issue” instead of consistently referring to the racist priesthood ban.

  2. Paul Reply

    AHHHHH!!!! You guys about killed me. I about drove off the road in hysterical laughter when John said that he had the same middle name as Jesus, and then someone said, “Fucking?”, That was classic! I laughed all night everytime I thought of that exchange. YAH!

  3. Dave Reply

    I’m a Mormon, but like many of us, I’m also an ex believer and a non attender. I’m also a regular listener of ME. I was flabbergasted at the Ballard Women quote, ‘not talking too much in meetings’ etc. but then I checked out what he said and how he said it for myself. And to be absolutely fair, I think we have misunderstood what he was trying to say. I don’t think he expressed himself very adequately and left himself as an open target.. If he was saying what I thought he was saying (and I could be wrong) I probably agree with him. I don’t think his ‘don’t talk to much’ bit was aimed primarily at women. I think he was suggesting that in church meetings everyone does too much bullshit talking and not enough getting out and putting things into practice. That was how it seemed to me. He also told the women to sort out the men and put them right and get involved in all aspects of communal life. Like I say, I think this was more an issue of an older man not able to phrase what he was trying to say with much degree of politik.

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