Episode 272: The Top 10 Goofiest Ideas in the Pearl of Great Price

10 comments on “Episode 272: The Top 10 Goofiest Ideas in the Pearl of Great Price”

  1. Darth Bill Reply

    Mr. D? Of Miked Mormons fame?
    Also, I’m interested in the uninhibited facebook group. How and who do I contact?

  2. Aaron Reply

    I don’t know about shinehah and oleah, but kokob and kokaubeam were Joseph Smith’s transliterations of the Hebrew words for ‘star’ and ‘stars.’ Joseph Smith was studying Hebrew with Joshua Seixas around the time he wrote Abraham 3. Interestingly, Kolob is probably a transliteration of the Hebrew word for ‘dog.’ There was a book around in Joseph Smith’s time that said that the Egyptians believed that the start Sothis, AKA Sirius or the dog star, governed the other stars. But that’s a topic for another day.

    I come to Mormon Expression for entertainment and because John Larsen is a bright guy with a lot of insights I don’t hear anywhere else, but (yea, there had to be a butt) this episode had a lot of uninformed ridicule where the panelists just sounded foolish sometimes. I say that as a exbeliever.

  3. Dave H Reply

    The reason this podcast works so well is because John is so smart and knows so much about Mormon history. If someone else comes in, they need to be like that.

  4. Eebs Reply

    I’m interested in learning more about Brooke’s facebook group, but not sure where to find her/it. Can I get a last name so I can friend you, Brooke?

  5. alta_parent Reply

    I can’t believe you guys missed the kokob and kokobim connection. JSJ was a student of Hebrew right? Many nouns in Hebrew are made plural by adding the sound ‘EEM’ at the end of the word. You may be familiar with the name elohim…it actually means “gods” and the singular is el or elowa or allah. It’s only natural that JSJ would create a word “kokob” meaning star and then come up with the plural kokobim….stars…these are the types of things that really excite Dan Peterson and William Hamblin, etc about the writings of JSJ…how would JSJ, a boy with rudimentary education know how pluralize a semitic noun?

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