Episode 274: Mormonism Vs. Orwell

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  1. aerin64 Reply

    Great podcast. A couple of thoughts.

    -a quick point about Stalin, he was well entrenched by 1942/1948 (and had been in power for 20 years). I wouldn’t be surprised if the Goldstein character was partially based on Trotsky. Trotsky was part of the Soviet leadership at first and then was forced out by Stalin and vilified.

    -The parallels with “1984” are obvious, but I didn’t see the connection of “Animal Farm” and mormonism (aside from what was mentioned about Christianity). I would have liked you guys to spend more time on those connections.

    • 0-e^(i*pi) Reply

      It’s been a while since I read Animal Farm, but it seems that one of the central ideas goes something like this:

      1) The establishment runs roughshod over the people
      2) The people rise up in revolt
      3) The revolutionaries throw out the establishment
      4) The revolutionaries take over
      5) The revolutionaries become the new establishment — and they look just like the old establishment, running roughshod over the people

      [In animal farm, of course, it’s pigs, horses, cows, and the farmer]

      One of the founding complaints by early Mormon leaders was that the establishment religions had “changed the ordinances” and “changed the doctrines.” Joseph Smith (a revolutionary) claimed to restore all that, but years later the Mormon Church looks like the old establishment, and has made numerous changes to doctrine and ordinances.

      Another example: Early Mormon leaders claimed to have reestablished revelation. Today, revelation is completely gone from the leadership, and members are only allowed to use personal revelation for things like finding lost keys (pun).

      In so many ways, Mormonism looks like the old establishment, complete with enormous wealth holdings and an army of lawyers. In fact, if you look at the way Joseph Smith describes the “Church of the Devil” in the Book of Mormon (his view of the establishment religions) it looks just like the modern Mormon Church.

      What goes around comes around.

      • Gabriel von Himmel Reply

        John, perception management is alive whether it’s called Arbeit Macht Frei or Liberty Through Obedience, the message is the same. Mormon Group-Think lives on for the Willfully Bamboozled.
        Whether the shibboleth is Liberty Through Obedience or Arbeit Macht Frei fealty is required for the oxymoron to shepherd the flock to its destiny.
        Arbeit Macht Frei = http://www.scari.org/Mormons.Reconstructed.html
        Liberty through obedience= http://www.scari.org/Mormon.Deconstructed.html
        What would George Orwell do with Mormon Magic? If Orwell were living in Utah today he’d see his dreams manifest. Orwell was not aware of Mormon Magic and its mysteries, he’d be flummoxed by the lengths taken to control and manipulate the lumpen folk

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