Episode 278: Part 2 of the Top 10 Scandals in Mormon History

4 comments on “Episode 278: Part 2 of the Top 10 Scandals in Mormon History”

  1. Brian Kissell Reply

    Are you still planning on finding a new host? You keep stating that the podcast is ending, so I was curious whether the plan has changed.

  2. Michael Hurd Reply

    Had the same question as Brian with the talk of the show ending. From Facebook seems your still selecting candidates.
    With this episode in particular and other top 10 lists would it be possible to have the list in the show notes?

  3. Ashley1313 Reply

    I was surprised when I heard Jon mention the missionaries that were killed and eaten in Texas because I had actually heard that story years ago from the son of someone who served in that mission. The way the story was told to me was that apparently there was this house that the missionaries were forbidden from visiting by the mission president because “something wasn’t right” about the man who lived there. Apparently there were two over zealous missionaries who decided that surely there wasn’t anyone too far gone to accept the gospel so off they went to spread the good news. When they didn’t return to their apartment a search was conducted and, upon searching the “forbidden house,” parts of them were found in the man’s freezer. I had written this story off as being one of those bullshit “follow the rules or else” stories so I was surprised to hear it mentioned unless of course there is another story of missionaries being killed and eaten in Texas.

  4. Kleinrock Osei Reply

    The Mormon Church has a new statement on what they call ‘Plural Marriage’ and what I call Polygamy, Polyandry, Pedophilia, and Pious-coercion. Is it an over reaction by having your mind blown away in realizing the exploits of Ol’ Joe Smith make Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby look benevolent and chaste in comparison?

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