Episode 281: Top 10 Things You Would Expect To See If The Church Were Actually True

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  1. Gabriel von Himmel Reply

    History reminds us that we humans have short memories.
    The chosen ones are bless with selective history which leads to being the most correct of all that have ever lived.
    God’s Struggle with Man –– Man’s Struggle with God

    The Natural Man debacle

    Had God seen fit to eliminate some of the vexing details of existence, the need to eat, pee poop and procreate, the “Natural Man” would not be held in such disdain. But God in HIS near-infinite wisdom could not figure out how to correct these deficiencies in HIS masterful plan –– and it came to pass –– thus sprang “The Natural Man,” and so the struggle goes on and on ––


  2. Christopher Allman Reply

    Great episode and an awesome premise. A very clever way to approach the truth claims of Mormonism John! I’m truly going to miss hearing you each week! When you got slightly choked up mentioning your departure, I did too.

    As for altitude, suicide and Nepal. I think the problem isn’t altitude per se, but as Europeans, we evolved for a much lower altitude. The Sherpas in Nepal do well, because they have lived in that region for well over 10,000 years and evolved to thrive in a high altitude. Those indigenous to the Andes do slightly less well, because they arrived in S. America several thousand years later. And those in the Rockies do worse, since we arrived just a few generations ago.

    • Makelessnoise Reply

      Hi Christopher – There’s actually more than just that. They’ve found that people who move from lower to higher elevations increase their likelihood for depression and suicidal thoughts. And people born in higher elevations apparently do better a low. This suggests an environmental component, rather than just an evolutionary one.

      Check this out from the National Institutes of Health:

  3. Christopher Allman Reply

    I fully agree about the whole list, except for the one about outsiders finding the theology in any way compelling or interesting or captivating.
    I actually think mormon theology DOES appeal to outsiders.
    Since leaving Utah, whenever I have explained to people mormon theology, they are almost alwaya quite impressed and interested in its various components. Three degrees of glory, matter and spirit being one, the ideas of intelligences and all that stuff many of us found interesting as non believers. Just like scientology, to the degree people hear about mormonism, they usually just hear all the weird things like magic underwear, but none of the cool things.
    Having studied religious philosophy, Mormonism actually does an unusually good job at solving many theological conundrums that other religions do not.
    But most people, theologians included, generally don’t get deep enough into Mormonism to even know what are answers are, let alone trying to understand our answers.
    But often, theologians can independently come to a very mormonish point of view. Like C.S. Lewis, ( why Mormonism loves him) . Or ‘process theology’, which is a fairly Mormonish theology..and others I’m less solidly familiar with.

  4. Makelessnoise Reply

    The double-blind consecrated oil test is freaking brilliant. Dear Mike Tannehill, please conduct this test. Return and report and explain away your own data.

  5. Mark Reply

    On the Phoenix vs SLC comparison… Phoenix has 5 suburbs larger than Salt Lake City including the Town of Gilbert.

  6. Kleinrock Osei Reply

    The Mormon Church has a new statement on what they call ‘Plural Marriage’ and what I call Polygamy, Polyandry, Pedophilia, and Pious-coercion. Is it an over reaction to have your mind blown away by realizing the exploits of Ol’ Joe Smith make Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby look benevolent and chaste in comparison?

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