Episode 283: How we know beyond a shadow of a Doubt that the Church isn’t True

9 comments on “Episode 283: How we know beyond a shadow of a Doubt that the Church isn’t True”

  1. chriss Reply

    John, your description of American Exceptionalism is wrong. It does not mean America is better, superior, or above any one else, it means America was an exception or unique compared to systems of governments, freedom, liberty, and the rights of people at the time it was born. The world before America was run by tyrants, kings, empires, the common man had no rights. The American constitution and bill of rights changed all that. For the first time in human history, mankind had rights guaranteed. Previously governments had absolute power and control over its people.

    The term may come from Alexis de Tocqueville, who was the first writer to describe the country as “exceptional” in 1831 and 1840. Exceptional, in that it was the exception to everything the world had know previously. Now the church does think its exceptional in the way you defined the term, in that it is the only one that can save mankind. Better than all other religions. The only truth. The only way. But unlike America, It was not exceptional at the time of it founding. Many reformist and restoration movements had come before it. Dont conflate the two, the exceptionalism meant by the church is nothing like the Exceptionalism of America.

    • Darren Reply

      Thomas Jefferson once stated that “An ignorant society doesn’t deserve freedom and liberty” I truly know without a doubt that all parts of society in the world are ignorant. The word ignorant means to IGNORE something. Unfortunately, society is based on slavery and greed and therefore people don’t have time to educate themselves on the organizations that run and control this world.

      The founders of the United States warned all citizens about the threats that face freedom and liberty. Due to the fact that the people have ignored not only the warnings of the founders of the U.S. but also the warnings that continue to happen today including the warning that Eisenhower made on his farewell speech and JFK’s speech regarding secret oaths and societies. Were you aware that free and clean energy existed over 100 years ago? How many people have learned and heard of Nikola Tesla?

      The word “occult” means “hidden” in latin. Because knowledge is a powerful seed of true change and is part of the liberty and freedom movement, it has been kept hidden from society so that they can stay within the confines of slavery. Because if true knowledge is learned that there would be a rebellion to liberate not only our minds and hearts but also our lives.

  2. Susan Mowers Reply

    When I was a TBM, I totally believed in all those points just like you pointed out – either they didn’t matter, or were just true despite the absurdity. Now that I’ve left, I’ve been a bit tormented as to how I could think that way. Why was I so judgmental, so ignorant when I thought I was smart, so willing to submit?

    Now that I’m “de-converted” I can see the manipulations, the thought control mechanisms, the emotional abuse. So when you say that the members choose to believe, I disagree. They think they are choosing (and we think they are choosing), but they’ve been so conditioned and emotionally compromised, with their critical thinking skills suppressed, that they have become victims of the system, as well as the victimizers. I know I was both. It’s the cycle of abuse.

    Seeing that has helped me to have a bit more compassion and not as much frustration towards my family and friends, especially when they do all the typical things to me as an “apostate” – the victim blaming, the apologetics, etc. – and I realize that their power of choice has been hijacked, in a way. So, it’s not so much that they are just blatantly choosing this fucked up doctrine and belief system because they are assholes, but that there is more going on with how and why they believe those things.

    A great book about this is “Recovering Agency” by Luna Lindsey, which explains thought control really well. (And of course, it applies in varying degrees of any system political, social, religious, that are totallist systems.) This helped me also forgive myself for believing and defending such atrocious beliefs.

    • Alan miller Reply

      Great reply and thank you for stating it so well. Don’t blame the people, blame the church. It is a system of manipulation and unfortunatey when you are in it you can’t see that.

      • Darren Reply

        Don’t the people make up the church? If there were no people going to church, would the “authorities” still have a church? Let me make it even more simple, as a snowflake we are unique but when we come together, we create a collective snowfall.

  3. Maventii Reply

    I was really hoping that this would be better than it was. It’s a bunch of political rants.

  4. Clark Johnson Reply

    John’s homophobic views showed through especially with the loose associations and flawed logic. I’ve enjoyed all of the other pod casts, he missed the mark on this one. Nobodies perfect but it was upsetting listening to this one

  5. Darren Reply

    Even though I have a more advanced understanding of the way things are done and are, it is interesting to hear someone else’s point of view even if it was flawed. I think that John should dig a bit deeper of what he might find about the church because it is much darker than what John is stating. Maybe the reason why the church has been so successful while others fall is because it is run by the central banks and Illuminati.

  6. VFanRJ Reply

    I deeply appreciate this podcast as well as all of John’s work. The value of his work in undeniable. However, I believe that John’s use of the F word will inhibit those who should be listening to podcasts from actually consuming and internalizing them.

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