Episode 286: Staring at the Sun

17 comments on “Episode 286: Staring at the Sun”

  1. rob Reply

    I enjoyed the podcast, but it didn’t really feel like a Mormon expression podcast. Sounded like a reasonability podcast. Very little Mormon centric discussion.

  2. Brian Kissell Reply

    Loved it! Good Job Adam. It is really hard taking over someone’s show, as people will want you to just be a miny John Larsen, but I am really excited to see your unique perspective. This was interesting and well done. Excited to see what you are able to create in the future, once you settle in as the host of the show.

  3. Jessica A Reply

    Adam seems great, but I’m hoping future episodes will have more Mormon content.

  4. Aaron Reply

    Super boring. Mormon Matters-esque, without the experts or mormonism. Interesting way to kick off the new-look podcast.

  5. SGuest Reply

    A little boring for my taste. I’m hoping that it will have more Mormon content. I hope it will also include current Mormon-related news commentary. Otherwise, change the name to something else, but not Mormon Expression. We’ll have to see how future podcasts go before I can assess the new host.

  6. KLucy Reply

    I liked it. I’m glad the new host has a philosophy background. Looking forward to hearing more from Adam.

  7. Dnlluke Reply

    I like Adam as the new host, but this did seem like a verbal Wikipedia article. Knowing the background information for the topic should only be the substrate for a more interesting panel discussion. It can’t be the content.

    Still excited about Mormon Expression and look forward to more episodes.

  8. Will Reply

    I understand wanting the podcast to come around to mormonism in a more direct way, but I also enjoyed the discussion, and didn’t really feel the need for them to point out how or why it related to mormonism. The relation, to me at least, seemed obvious. I actually enjoyed that the discussion stayed secular. Religion tends to try to avoid death, and to circumvent it. Much like the philosopher who was discussed, John and Adam looked at the topic purely from a secular stance, and by doing so, were able to really examine it head on. They stared into the sun, so to speak. Bravo, Adam. Looking forward to hearing more from you as you grow in to your new role!

  9. Orrin Dayne Reply

    To me, there was an easy way to tie this topic into Mormonism. So much of Mormonism is trading today for blessings tomorrow. That is, you trade todays filled with 3-hour blocks, family history name extracting, reading the scriptures, and other stuff for a celestial kingdom mansion tomorrow. Of course, it’s all worth it if you get to hang out with your family in that mansion, right? But if there is no mansion, if death is the end, it is incredibly ironic that people believe they are ensuring an eternity spent with their loved ones, when, in fact, they are squandering the precious little time they actually have to spend with their loved ones.

    Also, as a side note, Adam and Cori Archer’s Mormon Expression Voices interview is a must listen. Very likeable people.

  10. Scott Stewart Yaeger Reply

    I thought the podcast was kind of boring and too philosophical. I would had liked a more Mormon relevant discussion. I thought Adam did a good job as moderator.

  11. Jamie Hanis Handy Reply

    Honestly, I was surprised to hear John Larsen’s voice. After the months long good-bye, “you’ll never hear me again”, we have his voice still probably at 40% air time. I worry that Adam may never have a chance to develop his own voice.

    Also, it was boring.

  12. thinkfirst Reply

    Good luck to Adam.
    Just a piece of useless trivia – There’s a BBC radio production that has been on air since the 1950’s called the Archers. It tells the story of a rural area in England and the Archer family. There is a character named Adam Archer. Its my favorite podcast – even more than Mormon-themed podcasts.

    I request that the commentary on the news in the Mormon week continue.
    Its fine to continue the philosophy series. Its good for my education even if its not the most entertaining.
    I’d love to hear Cori as a regular panelist on the show.

    And please tell us more about the hospice experiences.

  13. Randy Reply

    What are the 2 songs features on the 2 episodes we have now of Adam Archer hosting? The first is like “stories…” And the ending one is “its alright, its alright..”.

  14. Stephanie Hurd Reply

    My biggest concern is that this episode feels a bit disjointed. I like the idea of interviewing people. It is a very good plan. To do a mormon expression episode on top of an interview seems to take away from the interview as well as the topic. Perhaps make it a two parter. First part interview and second part discussion. This allows the listener to get “right into” the topic as the listener wants. The philosophy I don’t feel is the problem. I feel some intellectual conversation is a breath of fresh air. However I do feel comparisons into other mormon announcements of more attention on connections to other mormon doctrine may spice it up.

    Good work I enjoyed it over all. I would be happy to help in anyway I can via email.

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