Episode 287: How Americans View Mormonism

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  1. Matt Reply

    The church is like a squirrel. They are generally seen as obnoxious but cute. They are seemingly everywhere at times. They do some good (squirrels plant trees & are fun to watch). They don’t mix well with other backyard animals as Mormons generally don’t mix well with people of other faiths. There are a handful of positives, but if one of those little SoB’s ever gets into your attic & eats some wiring, you hate them for the rest of your life. Like .22 by the back door hate them.

  2. Kim Reply

    Couldn’t get more than 3 minutes into this one – I couldn’t care less about your beard/hair.

    • Thayne Reply

      45 seconds of beard talk at about the 2 minute mark = entire 70-minute episode is bad. Got it.

      • Kim Reply

        That’s not what I said. I didn’t even get into the content. See Brian’s comment below.

    • Sprint Reply

      Yet you cared enough to make a comment about it?? Seems like you tried really hard in your effort to not try hard at all. I thought the episode was great. It was more like the M.E. of old. I enjoyed the banter. Please have Matt back on, he was funny.

  3. Thayne Reply

    Hey Adam, good second episode. You really got your balance after taking off last episode’s training wheels. I think it was a brilliant move to put Matt on the panel with you — a friend you were very familiar and comfortable with. It definitely seemed to help ease you into the moderator’s chair. Smart.

    I like the way you tied everything up at the end and your conclusion is something I hadn’t put together until now, even though it had been staring me in the face. How is it that I’m “anti-Mormon” when I have such generally positive feelings about all of the Mormons in my life?

    Your conclusion reminded me a little bit of Darkmatter2525’s incredibly insightful youtube video “The Real God: An Epiphany.” When we reject the tenets of Mormonism, because those tenets are integrally tied into the “self” of the believer, they feel personally rejected by us. Thus, their natural defense mechanisms against rejection (under the guise of the thought-stopping cliche/heuristic of “anti-Mormon”) really gets in the way of their personal relationships with Formons.

    Good episode.

  4. Brian Kissell Reply

    Just a friendly suggestion, it took 11 minutes to get into the content. A little chat is OK, but it might be more interesting if you jump to the main content a little quicker, and try as hard as you can to stay on topic. I have really been enjoying your episodes and perspective, and simply know it takes some time to get into the grove. Keep up the good work.

    • Gabriel von Himmel Reply

      Heuristic Mormon Epiphany –– revealed, If mormons would only educate themselves before having postulated all the answers; the conjectures could be a topic we all could laugh over .
      Doormen Foreman Mormon Deacon, the price for the ticket leaves the devotee stripped of critical-think –– mormons don’t have to worry over the nuts and bolts, the thinking has been done.
      If Mormons continued to live on a high cold desert vacuum as if in a Science Fiction survival drama, then, it all makes sense, but when the camera mores to wide angle we see that Anti-Mormonism is simply Mormon Counter-Apologetics –– the planet can be shared by all who are riding on its skin.
      There is nothing stopping mormons from being “NIce” just be nice for the right reasons –– and you are not being watched, but for those tubes pumped into the Utah information centers.
      Humm . . .
      Does this sound like paranoia, perhaps, perhaps not given the revelations of Mormon complicity in crimes of inhumanity.
      Please, life on earth is not a Zero Sum game, but for those who wish to treat it so.
      Being nice is easy, being honest is hard. PAX

      Great treatment, slow at the uptake but great conclusion.

  5. Bobbi Reply

    Great job! Lloved your Voices episode with your wife, too. It’s got to be hard to step into this podcast when JL’s personality has been such a big part of it — but it feels like you’re hitting your stride. Looking forward to hearing more!

  6. Daved6 Reply

    Look. You did better in this episode for sure and showed more promise. that’s good. but the content here was fluff. You failed to describe the book, and completely failed in your descriptions of Mormons and the way Mormons view things, which to be fair you’ll always do as long as you continue to view Mormons as yourselves from years ago. You failed to describe why Mormons are seen unfavorably.
    And that you were so adamant towards the end to compare Mormons to Muslim extremists makes this whole thing a waste of time. That does nothing. Muslims who murder aren’t doing so because they think people are opposed to their beliefs. They do so because to be opposed is worthy of death. Don’t be so shallow to run this route. It puts the potential dialogue back another few steps.
    Mormons use “Anti-Mormon” amongst each other, mostly. Like the lady who made friends with your wife. She apparently thought she was in company with a Mormon. In that sense, it refers to those who aren’t LDS and would adamantly exclaim they would never be. That’s all. Why is the lady concerned there are anti-Mormons? Because of offense. The problem you have here is that you fall into the very opposite but corollary problem when you prefer not to understand.

  7. Kevin Reply

    Adam, I think when people said they didn’t agree with what you said last episode they weren’t saying they don’t believe you. They were saying that they disagree with your worldview that we are mortal, or that they disagree with your conclusions about the world from your experience. I don’t think they were calling you a liar, although I can never be sure since I wasn’t one of those people.

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