Episode 288: Shifting Perspective

Join Adam and Austin as they discuss Us Thieves, the band behind the new ME opening and closing songs, and a review of many shows that Austin has performed as an actor in relation to how perspective shifts over time.


14 comments on “Episode 288: Shifting Perspective”

  1. preston simms Reply

    mormon expression isnt a venue to promote this guys brothers band.. its bigger than that

    • Sprint Reply

      This comment is like Mikey’s speech on The Goonies and its giving me chills..

      “It’s bigger than that…Because it’s their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here.”

        • Sprint Reply

          Oh Whoops! Was it “da fuq” that said that one?

          Which Computer in the Public Library are you on? Do they really shut you down at 10pm for lights out? I am hoping to get over there 2-nite so I can comment on like every single solitary podcast and article that’s ever been written..

        • Jay Man Reply

          Don’t worry man, I don’t know why these guys are so butt hurt by a legitimate criticism. If you are thinking it, others probably are as well, including me.

    • Will Reply

      Much like the woman who complained about last week’s beard banter, you’re focusing on one small portion of the conversation and missing the larger theme throughout as a result. The episode was about the importance and value a simple shift in perspective can have, not about his brother’s band.

  2. Bill Reply

    Adam has hit his stride! Great discussion. Including the part about your new bump music. I appreciate the background. Thanks!

  3. Patrick Williams Reply

    Singers Unlimited was the greatest singing and performing group in the history of the world.. I particularly enjoyed our bright red a purple overalls while singing to the hit Disney movie classic “Newsies”.

  4. Jay Man Reply

    This is a perfect voices episode. Why is it being broadcasted on ME? Is Austin going to be a panelist? I can see this being an “interview the panelists” series. Is that what you were going for?

    • elijah Reply

      I think that’s what he said at the beginning of the episode…that he was going to have his regular panelists on and kind of introduce them.

  5. SGuest Reply

    Would the new Mormon Expression consider bringing back current events and news commentaries related to the LDS Church? I miss that from the current format. Thanks.

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