Episode 292: Heaven

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  1. Matter Unorganized Reply

    Great discussion! This has been your best podcast so far. It’s a question I’ve been pondering for months – just what is heaven, and specifically, what is mormon heaven? My bishop brother says we’ll be glorifying the father forever. I asked him “And then what?” and he didn’t have an answer.

    The temple is supposed to be a representation of our eternal progression. After all this chanting, secret handshakes and going through the veil, you get to the celestial room which is supposedly a representation of heaven. So what do you do when you get to the celestial room? DICK. Nothing. Jack Squat. Nada. People just mill about, then they say “Let’s hit the cafeteria.” Is this an accurate representation of mormon heaven? Just milling about with nothing to do? There is no damned doctrine on this! No specifics! I found the celestial room to be completely devoid of purpose, and that’s how I see mormon heaven.

    Again, thanks for this!

  2. Guest Reply

    Adam, I’m digging your episodes, but man I disagree with your taste in film! 6 out of 10 for Fifty Shades? Dang . . . That gave me the sads.

  3. NullReferenceException Reply

    Thanks for the podcast. A few things I’d like to comment on.
    One being a criticism if you will, it took over 40 minutes into the podcast
    before getting into the topic. So nearly ½ of the podcast was completely off

    So for the other half of the podcast, a few subjects I was
    hoping would be brought up is the paradox of Heaven being a perfect place
    however there was a war in heaven. How can a war exist in a perfect place? And what assurances are in place to guarantee a war won’t happen again? If it happened before surely it’s subjected to occur again.

    The term perfection and the context of boredom was spot on
    however I’d like to expand a little. If something is perfect then it is
    complete. There is nothing else. There is no boredom, no progression or desire to create. If you or God is perfect there is nothing except to exist.

    What this podcast was missing (hopefully an idea for a later
    podcast), was an exploratory of the Mormon Heaven such as the degrees of glory, Exaltation or the more bizarre (and rarely discussed) planet Kolob. Also as a side note, it was mentioned about unable to commit suicide in heaven, however in the Mormon cosmology there is such thing as “spiritual death”, such as the “sons of perdition” and “outer darkness”. Also noteworthy, there is no “daughters of perdition” so to the women; you’re off the hook (although a sentence to a lifetime of child bearing maybe eternal hell in itself).

    Thanks for the thought provoking podcast and keep up the great work!

    • fg227 Reply

      From the looks of things, I didn’t miss anything. Ever since John left, podcasts go 40 minutes of pure boredom without actually going to the topic.

  4. SGuest Reply

    The Church and many members couldn’t be happier that John Larsen is gone because the new host is not as critical or incisive as John is of the Church. The new topics covered are very gentle and generic. Not much substance that can be labeled anti LDS per se.

  5. Chrissy Reply

    Thanks for the podcast Adam! You are entertaining for sure! My idea of Heaven is that we just enter into a loving void. We won’t get bored. There is no duality. But, to be honest, I don’t really know what heaven will be like, but maybe these ideas soothe my ego. My favorite part of the podcast was the end; to just be a more kind and loving human being here on earth today!

  6. Mike Conder Reply

    Let’s say the Mormon God and doctrine is the actual reality? It wouldn’t matter what we all want heaven to be, it would just be what it is, outside of our individual projections. I guess that’s what it is anyway, Mormon God or no Mormon god, club post death will be whatever it is, regardless of our egocentric wishes. I with you all, know one know what it will be, but one thing I am fairly certain about is that we don’t get to decide. Wether there is nothing, or wether we get reincarnated as duck billed platypie, I’m pretty sure we are not creating our on versions of the after life. It will be what it is. Because none of us know and we likely have no control over the post death reality, whether our self-awareness continues or not, the lesson here is it’s worthless to even spend time speculating on, unless it’s for sheer entertainment, as in the case of this podcast.

  7. Guest Reply

    This said it was a discussion about heaven. I gave up after 45 minutes when Adam was talking about watching television and still never got to the topic.

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