Episode 293: LILA



Join Adam, Kristi and Quinn as a couple of old friends catch up and discuss love, compassion, and the life of one very special little girl, Lila Kimball.  This episode is humbly dedicated to the life and legacy of Lila Kimball.

Thank you sweet girl…


4 comments on “Episode 293: LILA”

  1. Scott Stewart Yaeger Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and heart-felt story. This really touched me because I have a very seriously ill daughter that will die if the doctors can’t diagnose her medical issues. Your touching story has made me think and ponder my current situation and has given me extra strength to cope.

  2. Eebs Reply

    I thought it was courageous of Kristi and Quinn to share their story. I personally found the bromance between Adam and Quinn to be especially compelling and I would have loved to hear more about that (and the choppy waters of maintaining true friendship in light of leaving the church, etc), in addition to the touching story of Lila’s life.

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