Episode 295: The New Mission of the Church

7 comments on “Episode 295: The New Mission of the Church”

  1. Guest Reply

    Adam got to the point without the foreplay crap!!!! I am FINALLY starting to like ME with Adam. Thank you Adam! I like ME with Adam now. Congratulations on finding your nitch!!!

  2. Mr D Reply

    Are you guys crazy? Hit his stride? If hitting your stride is constantly referring to yourself as part of the church, I guess he is racing along. You can’t seriously tell me his temple recommendations weren’t the ridiculous ramblings of a philosopher not knowing which side of the fence to jump down on. I’m incredibly sad with the demise of this once strong podcast.

    • John Spencer Reply

      I can identify with him on that, I’ve resigned and joined another religion yet I sometimes catch myself referring to Mormons as “collective”. I consider myself a Mormon, despite being entirely divorced from the institution of Mormonism and not believing in Mormon doctrine.
      It is confusing sometimes, but just as my mother left England as a young woman and came to the United States, renounced her UK citizenship, and became a US citizen, she still refers to herself as British. You can divorce institutions, but it becomes difficult to deny your heritage and cultural upbringing.

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