Episode 296: The Veil of Ignorance

6 comments on “Episode 296: The Veil of Ignorance”

  1. chriswir Reply

    LOVE RAWLS!!! Makes one think!
    Where can I find the records of the Larsen vs Dehlin event? (Video preferred to audio only.)

  2. Scott Stewart Yaeger Reply

    I know Carl Wimmer. He is not a Fundamentalist Mormon. He left the LDS Church a few years ago. He’s, now, an Evangelical Christian and is still conservative in his politics.

  3. Boris Reply

    Wow, can’t believe how much have I’ve come dislike ME. Count me with the others who’d like access info on the John/John dialogue.

  4. Manzoku Reply

    John screaming about chemotherapy, blood atonement, and WWF’s Paul Bearer all in the same episode.

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