Episode 297: I’m Trying to be Like Joseph

Join Adam, Matt and Brandon as they discuss ways in which behavior suggests that Mormons are striving to be much more like Joseph than Jesus.  Thanks to Google Images for providing the most perfect Image for this episode, I could not have asked for anything more.

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  1. John Spencer Reply

    I always saw the rank of lieutenant general as being a source of pride rather than something of humility. George Washington, when serving as the top officer in the continental army was Lieutenant General, _not_ General. Washington was posthumously given the rank of general.

    I think Joseph saw himself more like George Washington than a “higher than major general but lower than general” type.

    I think that the podcast brought up some interesting points in the church, but Christians do not model their lives after Jesus, but rather try to follow the tenets that he sent forth. In the majority of Christianity (Roman Catholic, Easter Orthodoxy, and Anglicanism, roughly 58% of all Christians) you include sainthood, which gives people models to work with. One cannot live like Jesus, because to the believing Christian he is deity and you are not.

    I would actually argue that Mormonism teaches explicitly, to those who become endowed, that they are to model their lives after Adam, as they even symbolically take on his role in the temple ceremony. Mormonism significantly differs from Christianity in the sense that the belief that one can become a god is not to become like Jesus, but to become like the father, whom Adam is destined to be. It isn’t the Mormon member’s job to die for the sins of others, but to accept Jesus and eventually have their own only begotten to die for the sins of others.

  2. Leslie North Reply

    #1 – You indicated that Jesus never used hidden teachings or lies. I agree that his parables were not lies, but his teachings are full of layers of meanings and hidden mystical messages. One parable could be understood in several different ways and Phil McLemore (Yoga of Christ -Sunstone) loves to find the deepest meanings of Jesus’ stories.

    #2 – What would be the LDS Women’s model? Jesus more than Joseph because Jesus portrays more feminine qualities like a “hen gathering her chicks.” But also the wife of some of the prophets have been held up as a model to be emulated. Mostly Camilla Kimball and Marjorie Hinckley. And then there are the RS General Authorities like Shari Dew, Chieko Okasaki, etc.

  3. Randy Quentin Meyers Reply

    Great people spoke of a great topics, and ideas. Nice talking about values and meaning groups assign and attempt to emulate. Very ‘existentialism’-view.

  4. Michael McAlpine Reply

    Hey, I get what you’re doing on this podcast, but I think you have overstepped it a bit with Jesus. I think it is important to understand that the purpose of the Gospels is not to give a detailed history of the life of Jesus. Instead, the writers are writing to say who Jesus is by recording his words and actions. We don’t have information to determine whether Jesus was married or not. We also can’t say how long Jesus’ active ministry was. It was between about one and three years. John mentions three Passovers, but the synoptic writers only one.
    However, I take your point that we in church do seem to concentrate on the merits of Joseph Smith who becomes an archetypal man for all men. It’s part of the cult of personality that is Mormonism.

  5. Jessica A Reply

    This was a good episode. Whoever is hosting, I like episodes of Mormon Expression that consist of (1) a discussion between a few people, (2) about a topic, (3) within Mormonism. This was that.

  6. Me Reply

    Vice? :rofl: It’s a good show but they cherry pick facts to fit their story and Shane Smith is a straight up liar. It’s sad because a lot of the stories they put out or worthy of being talked about but they are less unbiased than FOX News.

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