Episode 298: Are There Any Opposed?

Join Adam and Laura as they discuss the April 2015 General Conference, most specifically, her experience opposing the General Authorities.  Thanks to Laura for coming to the show on such short notice and for trusting us with her story.

5 comments on “Episode 298: Are There Any Opposed?”

  1. movie guy Reply

    I haven’t seen big fish, thank you for telling me the end of the movie.
    The Guest , it was one of my favorites last year.
    the first thing I did when I left the church, was watch all the good R movies.

  2. JT Reply

    Laura’s reading at the beginning of episode 298 had me literally cheering. So great. Every one of her concerns and her approach really resonated with me. Thank you for putting words to what a lot of us are feeling! One of the better Mormon Expression episodes.

  3. JT Reply

    Oh, it also made me want to be brave and go oppose. At least in a letter or discussion with my leaders, if not in conference.

  4. Daylan Darby Reply

    Laura, are you willing to share a text version of your letter? If so how would you like to be attributed?

  5. LiteralHipster Reply

    Oaks said talk subjects are assigned… “by the impressions of the Spirit” (Read: NOT ASSIGNED”) Get your facts straight son!

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