Episode 302: Mormon Analogies

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  1. Saint Ralph Reply

    Trying to say something without saying it is the WHOLE PROBLEM, PEOPLE! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Withholding information from people because they are “not ready to hear it” CREATES things like Scientology and the Mormon church. I have a deep, deep distrust of the folks deciding what other folks are and are not “ready” to hear. THEY are the dangerous ones. Knowledge is power, but it is also armor. Kids need to know the TRUTH about everything as early as they can understand it.

  2. Matt Reply

    I think the point Saint Ralph is that analogies are about communicating ideas, not obfuscating facts. The idea that it’s absurd to not allow someone to criticize a brand is nonsense. That idea can be applied to a car company & also to a church. Helping someone understand the idea outside of context can help apply it’s wisdom to different scenarios. Analogies transcend cult philosophy; they are a basic human communication tool. Don’t over use them & don’t hold back on facts. Ideas often have to be explained for them to ‘click’.

  3. iknowthetapiristrue Reply

    I’m sure you are not aware that the word “mulatto” is a derivation of “mule,” the offspring of a house and a donkey. The term is extremely offensive and shocking when applied to human beings. We all make mistakes. Now you know.

      • hetaira Reply

        Wow, I’d love to have a house-donkey hybrid for camping. BTW, while we’re parsing terms: I cringed a bit at the phrase “…is it okay for the husband to punish the wife?” Even reversing the genders it still sounds bad to me. I think now I should be relieved that I never married. Does it really work that way? What’s Cori’s opinion on that?

    • Coriantumr Reply

      I think the root of Mulatto is rather the Arabic term Muwallad. None the less Adam, like the first Adam dropped the Apple in the context of politically correctness….. Maybe it was intentional. In Latin America even though there is racial tension an interracial marriage is not frowned upon as much. Jose Maria Morelos, one of Mexico’s Independence War heroes was a Mulatto.

  4. FhlostonParadise Reply

    On the question of sex before marriage, you asked what else is ‘bad’ until one day it is ‘good’. I would say drinking hard alcohol (bad at 5 years old, not bad as an adult. We can argue about the right age, but not that there is at least some point when you are so young that it is just a bad idea). You also asked how can having a piece of paper from the state and paying a few bucks turn something from ‘bad’ to ‘good’. I would say that we have all kinds of licenses from the state that do just that: building, driving, hunting, law, medical, and business licenses just to name a few. Only the purest of libertarians argue that these are completely arbitrary and useless. Finally, there are non-religious reasons to wait till marriage to have sex. STDs and wanting a stable family structure to raise children in are not necessarily solely religious motivations. Nice show topic for sparking discussion and thinking about ways to communicate ideas in a non threatening way.

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