Episode 304: The Clean Hands Initiative

Join Adam, Matt and Quinn as they discuss the “Clean Hands Initiative” and discuss the Pros and Cons of localized leadership within Mormonism.







5 comments on “Episode 304: The Clean Hands Initiative”

  1. Orrin Dayne Reply

    In one of my past family wards, they were so concerned about porn that they instructed the women to go home and ask their husbands when the last time they viewed pornography was.

      • Orrin Dayne Reply

        Well, the thought was that 99.99% had and this was a good way to catch the recent ones. Even as a TBM, I thought that was way out of bounds. Interjecting a spouse into “the repentance process” is just sick and manipulative.

  2. Gabriel von Himmel Reply

    On the on hand, knowing what it’s doing is evil, but on the other hand there is nothing to do but fight the demon while the other hand does its work.

    In an attempt to be ever vigilant, looking to marry solutions with problems, there are strategies for invoking fear where none existed. As it is said, “Guilt is a terrible thing to waste.”

    Take a page from the Koran and use Musllm logic to solve this problem by kicking the can down the road –– off into the afterlife, a Muslim Televangelist Warns

    Masturbating Can Get Your Hands Pregnant In The Afterlife.
    Seems an inter-faith approach can be helpful both here and in the everafter.

    Good luck and hope in one hand and wish in the other


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