Episode 305: Peter Singer and Mormonsim

Join Adam and John for a continuation of the Philosophy Series as they discuss contemporary Philosopher Peter Singer, and his ethical philosophy “Effective Altruism”.  What is our obligation to others?  And, what has Mormonism done to affect or shape our feelings/beliefs toward altruism?


4 comments on “Episode 305: Peter Singer and Mormonsim”

  1. Susan Mowers Reply

    I was sooo glad that John brought up the WHY behind the needs of charities. For an excellent read on a better way to change the way money and charities are applied, is a book written by one of the founders of the World Hunger Project, “Soul of Money.” The author talks more about the culture of money in cultures around the world. Completely changed how I think about my money and what I give in charity.

  2. Robert Goodwin Reply

    This was a great discussion, but…that jab at the end… “Singer’s stuff about animals is cooky”? That’s the work Singer does that we should admire the most! (Although even Singer doesn’t go far enough in his Vegan position)

    If our choices as consumers matter ethically–and I 100% agree they do–and if we wish to do good rather than harm in the world, the VERY LEAST thing we can do is never to pay to effectively have another sentient being enslaved, tortured, and killed for the brief pleasure of consuming its flesh.

  3. Gabriel von Himmel Reply

    John does not work expanding his network of friends while he runs the table with sweat, blood and charity.
    Why do children die of malnutrition?
    Why do so many children come to earth without the need for them to be here.
    Why do we have to copulate for The Higher Power, or is it in the genes; It might be a tribal thing.
    Why is growth so good?
    Why must we serve an economic model that requires growth, expansion of population, more productivity, expanded expectations while disregarding the externalities compounding ad nauseum?
    Why is our planet suffering from so many people and so little understanding.

    Will it all be sorted out in the end for the chosen to reach their appointed station in heaven,
    and the rest of the spirits (chattel) must cut bait.
    Thank you John and John for keeping on point. Charity is an analgesic to assuage those lucky few who by dint of luck can engage in financial altruism.

  4. MajorBidamon Reply

    Great discussion, but I was surprised Singer’s Eugenics
    ideas weren’t brought up – where he talks about the idea that a human is not
    human until it reaches about 2 years of age.
    Prior to that, parents should have the right to kill their
    pre-human children if they were a drag to society. I’m overly simpliflying his arguments, but
    let’s just say … as a father of a disabled kid, I can’t go down this road; and
    I’m not even religious!

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