Episode 306: Amy and Dan

Join Adam, Amy and Dan for this “Pseudo” Voices episode.  They discuss their marriage, their eventual divorce, and Dan’s new relationship with his husband Brian all the while relating their experience to Mormonism.  Love and kindness prevails.


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  1. Chris Reply

    Amy, Dan, and Adam,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is wonderful to know that young people in the church will hear your voices and have these resources when they are questioning the things they have learned in their youth, especially those who might question their sexuality and feel unable to decide between choices that are equally terrible.

    Amy, I think you are the most beautiful person I have ever listened to. You make me want to be a better person.

    Dan, I have such empathy for the things you shared. I gave the church everything I had with all my heart because I simply believed. I was one of those people who brought my attractions to my priesthood leaders and received the advice that was given with all my heart, not only as a recommendation, but as a commandment with a promise. Imagine that, instead of learning the truth when you were in your 20’s as you did, you learned the same things when you were in your 40’s and have 5 children at home. I would give nearly anything to have a life like your’s is now, but my children are not one of them. So, I’ll stay here and suffer in silence.

    I think many members in their 40’s and 50’s are finding that the plan in which we have invested, quite literally, our lives, is not what we were promised it would be. I now have some quiet animosity for the church that lead me astray and has left me here hanging. No one in the church wants to talk about what I should do now.

    God, I would like a redo on my life, please. Your servant’s promises did not come true, so I would like to make some very different choices. Thanks.

  2. Chris Logic Reply

    Stunningly beautiful interview. I thank everyone for speaking the truths of their hearts.

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