Episode 307: What I learned listening to the “My Book of Mormon” Podcast

2 comments on “Episode 307: What I learned listening to the “My Book of Mormon” Podcast”

  1. preston simms Reply

    when ever a new episode comes on i get super excited and blast the mother effer full blast whilst i sing a long to the opening tune on high. with drums and air guitar going i sing ” oh wont you poor me a drink”

  2. Gabriel von Himmel Reply

    Applause for Mormon Counter–Apologetic cross–pollination,

    great to see collaboration on “The Mormon Problem,” looking forward to more with John Dehlin and David Michael. Was great to hear a plug for Bryce’s Naked Mormonism. Seems a critical mass is burgeoning.
    Worthy of comment, Infants on Thrones has a revisit, commentary on the Lowery Letter.
    This is truly a must listen.

    “The Boise Rescue” on Mormon Stories is poignant when invoking sprits, demons, gins and other paranormal thinking.
    Working on the terrors of the damned is very much alive and healthy. Had they invoked the Liahona and their Testimony Gloves the presentation would have gone perfectly.

    Twas great to hear the desperation of the anointed, they were obstreperous, condescending and imperious –– much the way it was done Oh so many years ago.

    Thanks to all, Gabby

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