Episode 314: Delusions

6 comments on “Episode 314: Delusions”

  1. Erin Reply

    Hey guys! Do you have the super old archives anywhere that go back to the beginning? I had been going back and listening to all of the podcasts and it looks like they are gone now ;(

  2. Greener Grey Reply

    Glad you guys are back! Listening to Delusions now, looking forward to your next podcast.

  3. Matter Unorganized Reply

    Good to have you back, Adam. Take it easy, back problems suck.

    Why do people believe the unbelievable? I don’t know if it’s even a matter of belief. When someone has been raised one way and they have never been exposed to any other way, they’re bound to accept it without any thought. I guess it’s a belief, but there’s no faith involved. Good topic, too bad the beginning was lost!

  4. lee Reply

    Thank you John, Adam and all your participants. I have really enjoyed the Mormon Expression podcast. It has helped me with my transition away from mormonism and to understand fundamental religion in a way I never have. I am a great-grandmother. I have had experience with abuse and sexual abuse in the church. I have experienced the cover ups. I finally figured out I needed to leave and get educated. Your podcast has been one of the places I have found knowledge and emotional support I have needed. Thank you for everything you have gone through and offered to me and others.

  5. lee Reply

    Last episode was a great job! Enuf is enuf. there are plenty of older episodes to listen to. Do what you need to do and good wishes for whatever you choose to do.

  6. David Brasher Reply

    Thanks so much for giving us all these great podcasts over the years! I will miss Mormon Expression, but I really do understand the reasons why you guys are going to retire the podcast. I can imagine myself doing the same in your shoes. Thanks again for everything you have done!

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