Episode 1x: The God of the Lost Keys

Mormon Expression episode 177 was recorded on Sunday December 4th 2011. Zilpha and John were in the Studio in their house in Lehi. Jared Anderson is an Assistant professor of religion at Westminster college and he called in via Skype. Randy of Infants on Thrones fame called in from Kansas City where he lived at the time.

The panel discusses the Mormon theological conundrums behind selecting either an interventionist God or an observant God in terms of Mormon Theology. The panel then discusses the value of God and miracles in religion in general.

Commentary at the beginning and end recorded by John Larsen 10/10/15

Memorable Lines:
“In the long strings of causality stretching way back to the creation he planted the seeds of finding your keys through natural means.”–John

“God is miracling the world”–John

“The Book of Mormon is very Deuteronomistic”–Randy

“God ex nihio created something that looked like a quarter thereby devaluing the currency”–John

“I can’t find a theological description of God that I don’t find ridiculous when it is taken 2 or three leaps.”–John

“Rich people’s gout of the mind”–John

“It’s about fidelity”–Jared

“There is no one size fits all answer”–Jared

Link to the Mr. Deity episode referenced:
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