Episode 4x: How Religion Takes What is Yours and Sells it Back to You

In this episode several individuals contribute to reflect on the individual basis of moral behavior and how religions try to seem like they are the source and arbitrator of moral behavior. John is joined by Zilpha, Brian Jolley, Zilpha, Rich Rassmussen, and Randy. Charles also pipes in for some great feedback.

Notable Quotes from the podcast:
“I think the best way to understand people is that they are opportunistic, self-interested, and benevolent and those three things work together.” –John

“The hedonistic principle of maximizing principle can be used for social utility.” –John

“You were the moral agent all along. You were deciding what was good and bad and what was right and wrong. But they were telling you that was the holy ghost and whatever was inside of [you] was wicked.” –Brian

“They are going to break you down so that you don’t believe that which you know to be fundamental true, like that you shouldn’t kill, is not from you but given to you by them.” –John

“The Church should be on its bloody knees apologizing for the travesty of the [Willie Martin Handcart company disaster]. Instead they are taking teenagers up there every summer and reenacting that motherfucker as if it is some sort of sign of true religion. And this is the fundamental problem with religion that I have. Religion is perverse in what it does to us because it takes away this morality that the individuals have that lead them to survive and wants it for its own.”–John