Episode 6x: Mormonism and Voltaire

In this Episode John is joined by future host Adam Archer, Robyn and Angie. A review of the philosophy of Voltaire is followed by a discussion of Candide and the problems of the Theodicy in Mormonism.

Notable Quotes:
“What makes Mormonism interesting is all of this weird stuff. Religion is weird in general and I think Mormonism has a lot of penis envy for the protestant Churches and they don’t need to.” –John

“Why does our God do what our God does? And the answer is not because God wills it. For Mormonism God doesn’t really have a will for the same problem reversed that Voltaire is mocking. It is the paradox of God. God can see the outcomes of his actions. He can see how things are going to play out. Let’s assume that in any given choice one of them is better than the other. Alma would lead us to believe that God has to choose the better choice or he ceases to become God. In infinite mathematical cycles a small degree of difference compounds to an infinite degree of difference. God himself on achieving Godhood and omniscience has lost free will. He always has his choices dictated.” –John

“The only reason that God does things is he chooses the most correct one. So Mormonism is trapped into the Liebnitz problem. Mormonism has to say this world we live in is the best possible world otherwise God would modify it.” –John

“We’ve been doing this for a Bazillion years and this is the best possible product? This is the acme of the God evolution cycle?” –John

“What kind of being would create something that was destined to spend all of eternity in misery? There is only two choices: either he had no choice. He was bound to do it. He couldn’t break out. Or he is a fucking asshole. Because why else would you do that?” –John

“Mormonism solves the Theodicy by saying God has no choice. God is completely bound.” –John

“They worship a God that is following the rules, but the rules are calling the shots.” –Audience Member