Episode 47: Bob McCue

John Larsen is joined by Bridget, Zilpha, Tom, George and Jim to interview Bob McCue.

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Episode 47

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  1. Dave Reply

    Interesting article, thanks for writing it. As a Scientology protester (who are generally not ex-members by the way, just outisders who want governments to intervene in the rampent child abuse and fraudulent practices) I have read up on Mormonism a few times to understand similarities.

    You have made an insightful list and Bill’s comment is insightful as well. I suspect Scientologies future will resemble Mormonism, with some minor differences. Currently, there is a protestant Scientology, at the more more of a network, which will start a reformed Church that officially renounces the siginicant abuses such as child labor and forced labor camps. It will also denounce disconnection, but over time it will creep back into the behavior of ‘protestant Scientology’, as will financial fraud – it’s simply part of the DNA of the teachings. The official Church of Scientology will degenerate into a FLDS-type organisation, with possible even a Waco-style shoot-out (the inner core is closer to Jonestown than the New Yorker expose shows).

    I would also like to add, that although I already knew of some the items on your list, I was rather disappointed to see a few others, which I had hoped would have vanished from Mormonism, such as files being kept of apostates.

    • Dadsprimalscream Reply

      The LDS Church has an organization called “Strengthening the Members Committee” and it’s basically the Big Brother keeping tabs on dissident members and former members. It’s where members go to tattle-tale on each other.

  2. Dave Reply

    Oh— and I’d like to add it will thankfully be much smaller than Mormonism. The insanity of the Xenu story is now forever on the internet and because Scientology want to grow (‘Clear the planet’) through marketing efforts rather than having loads of kids (which is in fact forbidden at higher levels, it’s considered a waste of time), they’ll remain very small. Cheers.

    • FWAnson Reply

      Well I’m can’t speak for others but I’m getting clearer all the time!

      In fact I found some engrams on the shower floor the other day . . . I think that they fell out as I was ex-foliating.

      So thank goodness that the Scientologists have “outed” the Xenu Space Opera so we can all benefit from it without the need to spend $6,000!

  3. Dadsprimalscream Reply

    Excellent point Bill. I completely agree with your comment regarding the timeline and stages that the 2 churches are in. The Brigham Young church had that same nastiness the you see in Scientology today.

  4. GlennBeckismormon Reply

    The protesters are not really ex-members though some are, they are called Anonymous since Scientology readily attacks it’s enemies through a process they call “Fair Game”, they not just under pay their employees they use slave labor through “the Sea Org” and “RPF Camps” for to punish unruly Sea Org Members. Let’s not forget R6 which is their name for Christianity that has been implanted into our heads by aliens (Totally serious, just Google it), I don’t have the space to explain the Xenu story here so I will let L. Ron Hubbard their founder do it for me, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCHOpaP9704&feature=related

  5. FWAnson Reply

    Well Dad, I thought so much of this blog that I disseminated the link to it throughout my normal Internet hang outs – including Answerbag in which I asked this question:

    Is Mormonism “Scientology-Lite”?

    And, well, I’m afraid that the True Believing Mormons are rather upset with me for asking such a provocative question and . . . well . . . with you too for daring to compare them, even by implication, with . . . well . . . a Mind Control Cult.

    As you can imagine I’m quite upset about this – as I’m sure that you are too!

    Bummer man!


  6. Jeanmarie Todd Reply

    Wow, terrific, and spot on from what I can tell (ex-mormon perspective). Most of what I know of Scientology comes from the New Yorker piece as well, and a few other articles over the years. A friend in college was into Dianetics. I wonder what happened to her.

  7. Federico Parente Reply

    Hi Bob McCue;
    I have very much enjoyed your thoughts as expressed in blogs, essays,
    and this podcast #47. You are providing a most invaluable service to religionists in general and the LDS church in particular. Your work with bring a lot of healing to the thousands of exmos out there.
    Just one thing [for starters] I would like to enlarge on is your comments comparing the “god” or universal force of various scientists. You commented that the “God” of the Hindus[Sanatana Dharma is the real name of this religion] was like the Jewish gods. Yet the Hindus and Jews have both gone beyond that with Yweh [“I am that I am].
    Although in Hinduism there are a pantheon of “personal anthropomorphic gods”. Hindus/Yogis know clearly that behind all this there is” “the One Brahman” . The word Brahman[ as compared to Brahma] means in and English equivalent “that” , or “that which is”. This Brahman is what H refers to as the basis of all existence and is beyond name, form, gender etc.
    Therefore I would posit to you, that the modern scientists you referred to and yourself have arrived at an understanding/belief in the same Reality/God as the
    followers of Sanatana Dharma[ which means “the Eternal Religion],

  8. Geoffrey Bowden Reply

    I’ve been listening to this a few times, and I realized I left a few interesting tidbits out in my excitement.
    1) The bully’s friend was in on the harassment (both verbal and physical abuse) for most of the time if to a lesser extent. At the end of the day, though, I was the one to throw the first punch in that particular encounter, which is why I don’t necessarily consider it justified that I took so much of it out on him too.
    I lied about the event to most people because I was scared that they would see me for the evil I perceived myself to be. So I invented that someone else was being bullied and that I had just intervened. It made me feel somewhat better, and I almost believed my own lie… except that I had told a few people the truth and my friend had witnessed the event.
    2) Probably the most amusing fact about the encounter with the bishop was that I left with my heart feeling like it was on fire, and my mind was absolutely clear. Yep. I finally felt the “spirit” for the first time when I was leaving the church. Go figure.
    3) Leading up to the bishop fiasco, I became a bit obsessed with the fact that I was “evil,” because I couldn’t make the church work in my head. This persisted for some time after the encounter. Relatively speaking, the basis of my morality was still the church. Therefore, I was evil because I couldn’t support the church. What I thought was right and the morality of the church were at odds with each other for a time, though I’ve obviously let the church go at this point. Now I’m able to see myself as Lawful Neutral, sometimes toeing the line of Lawful Good (for those of you who get that reference :P)

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