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Episode 55: Mormon Apologists Kevin Barney and Seth Rogers

John Larsen and Bridget team up to interview internet apologists and Mormon bloggers Kevin Barney and Seth Rogers. FAIR Kevn Barney’s Blog Seth Rogers’ Blog Episode 55 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 2: Internet vs. Chapel Mormons

In this episode we are talking with special guest Jason, aka “Dr. Shades”, about the Internet vs. Chapel Mormon dichotomy. You can see his webpage dealing with this topic at http://www.mormoninformation.com/imvscm.htm. We discuss the distinction between internet and chapel Mormons, belief patterns in the Church today, orthodoxy, the influence of apologetics today, and the role

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Episode 1: Leaving the Church but not Leaving it Alone

In this episode, the panelists discuss the issue of “leaving the Church but not leaving it alone. Panelists include George, Jim, John, Nyal and Tom. Topics addressed include dealing with the loss of faith and what to do next, the role of the online community, researching the Church, ongoing connection to the Mormon community and the psychology of those who stay and those who leave.

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