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Episode 130: Grant Palmer

John Larsen talks with former Church Educational System Institute Director, teacher, and author about his journey within Mormonism and his view of Jesus. Biography/Writings/Reports An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins The Incomparable Jesus Episode 130 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 99: The God Makers Reviewed

John is joined by Nathan, Nyal, Tom, Chris, Brian and Zilpha to view the film “The God Makers” and provide their review. Also listen to our podcast interview with Ed Decker. Episode 99 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 68: Zilpha’s Conversation with Nate: Coming Out and Coming to Terms

Zilpha interviews high school friend Nate Koch about being gay and serving a mission. After being sent home, he decides to come out of the closet and leave the church. Episode 68 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 47: Bob McCue

John Larsen is joined by Bridget, Zilpha, Tom, George and Jim to interview Bob McCue. The original The Church is not True podcasts can be had here Bob’s Website Holland’s Talk: A Prayer for the Children FAIR’s Bob McCue Page FAIR’s Bob McCue Page priory to February 2010 Michael Shermer’s Book: Why People Believe Weird

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Episode 43: Outside Looking In

John Larsen is joined by Guests Chris Smith and Bridget Jack Meyers to discuss their observations of the Mormon world. Both Bridget and Chris are non-Mormons who have made a significant part of the University study the subject of Mormons and Mormonism. Bridget’s Blog: Clobber Blog Chris’ Blog: Mild-Mannered Musings Episode 43 Your browser does

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Episode 21: Aaron Shafovaloff and Evangelizing Mormons

In this episode we interview Aaron Shafovaloff, Evangelical man on the street with a camera. Aaron’s ministry is focused on converting Mormons to Evangelical Christianity. The panel and Aaron discuss the difference between Christian and Mormon beliefs, why Mormons need to be saved, methods of evangelizing, critical thinking, supernatural thought and whether or not Mormonism

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Episode 13: An Interview with Jim

In this episode, John Larsen interviews regular panelist Jim to get to the bottom of this guy. Episode 13 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Episode 3: Our 3 Favorite Things about the Church

In this Episode each of the panelist discusses the three things about the Church they admire, they miss or they respect. Topic range from music, to freemasonry.  Also discussed are various doctrines, culture, society, business and practices of the Church. See if the panel can agree on even one thing, and if the ex-Mormons can’t

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